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Young Generation and Vedanta

Young Generation and Vedanta

Generally, people think philosophy is for old people.
Read Bhagwat Gita or Upanishads when you are old.
I am a youth, I have to live the life I don’t have time for all this useless.
My child is too small to learn all about these complicated philosophies.

If you face these kinds of questions then the following may help you.
Ask yourself when Nachikesh of Katho-Upnishad meets Yamaraj
That time, how old was he?

Ask yourself when Shankaracharya finished all his work
That time, how old was he? Below 30!

Ask yourself what was the age of Dhruva
when he had vairagya from Samsara? Below 10!

Ask yourself what was the age of Prahalad
When he could realize what his father is doing is not correct? Below 16!

Our youth can hide behind giving big names
and Upadhi to these people by saying they were Avatara of God etc.
But that is our reasoning to say I will not do it
because I am convinced that I am not Avatara.

In trouble time, youth is ready to do Puja, Havan, Daanam etc
in the name of these people,
but not ready to live that kind of life.
And this is called hypocrisy!
This is not how humanity evolves.

O Chaitanya, what is the right age
to study the philosophy of life?
And who can guide us?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari