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World Around

World Around

There is the world that exists outside,
That is the objective world.
There is the world that exists inside our body boundary,
this is the subjective world.

An apple or flower or politician exists outside
in the objective world as per their own attributes.
In our day-to-day life, this objective world
has no influence from what you think and feel
about it in your own individual subjective world.

There are two kinds of worlds within our body boundary.
The first is an experiential or existential world.
The second is a mental or fictional world.
You can also refer to it as the Maya world.
It exists, but not the way reality exists in the world.

The first, existential world is that
which you experience
with your in breath and out breath.
The world in which you experience
pain and comfort in your body.

This world is momentary
Created and destroyed every moment.
This experiential world is not created in the time of past or future.
Therefore, it does not exist in the past or future.
The experiential world is coming out from
the present moment and exists only at that moment.

The second, “mental world” is that
which we create with our
mental, emotional, intellectual ability.
This world is our own creation
The beauty and ugliness of this
depends upon the sharpness of our senses,
Our ability to focus, ability to think
Ability to imagine, ability to reason,
Ability to associate emotionally
with objects and people around.

This world is more permanent and remains
with us as long as our brain is working properly,
as long as we are living.
This is the world of the past of the future.
It depends 100% on us
how we create this fictional
but more permanent looking world.

This is fictional because it exists in our minds.
Is this fictional world true at this moment? No.
Can it become true in the next moment?
Maybe yes or Maybe not.
Most of the time we have
fantasies and fear in this world,
and unfortunately, we don’t know,
neither have any way to know till the event actually happens.
So we keep it, nurture it and value it.
We think it is real and it has value.

There is nothing called
Permanent evil or pious thought
Permanent good or bad thought
Permanent bad or good karma
Action may be physical, mental, or verbal.
The quality of output of an action is the parameter
to make the decision of good or bad.
If we like the output of certain action
then we label that as good action for that moment.
if we don’t like the output of the action
then action is labeled as bad.
The action itself is not good or bad.
Like or dislike of the output
of action by the receiver labels actions.

You can do action only in the present
Nobody can work in the future or in the past
The action happens at the moment
or at the cursor where time is blinking for you.

You can suffer or enjoy at the present
or at the cursor where time is blinking for you.
You cannot suffer in the past or future.
You can suffer in present because of past and future.
You have immense ability to suffer at present
because of the memories of the past
and fear of the future.

Our ability to think, memorize and imagine
has the power to paralyze our life if not used properly.
But this is possible only when
we live too much in the fictional or mental world.

If you take a decision to live
in a real, existential, experiential, present world
Then there is no suffering, there is no joy.
It is just living with awareness.
Awareness that you are life
and everything around is life.
Awareness that actions are happening on the surface
of an infinite size plate called space.
Fall and rise of objects, people, relationships, and
even of planets, stars, and galaxies are happening on this plate.

If you live in your own created,
past, or future mental and permanent world
Then there is joy and suffering both.
There is no choice there. Both are yours.
Cyclically or accidentally or by fate
you will keep experiencing swings of life.
Good good, bad bad whatever you love or hate
is part of your own mental world.

In one second there are 1000 milliseconds
In those 1000 milliseconds, you can breathe once.
In those 1000 milliseconds of one breath,
you can create a mental world and live there
in the fear of the future, guilt, and losses of the past.
Or you can live in that breath without future and past.

O Chaitanya, everyone takes one breath at a time.
And life is made of these breaths.
Therefore, if you live with those breaths of yours,
then there are no worries of the future and no guilt of the past.
That is why it is said if you learn to live in the present
then there is no worry exists for you.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari