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Why is life complex?

Why is life complex?

Instinct is something which every life has on this planet.
And it helps them in their survival.
If survival is the goal of life then instinct is good enough.

But human has two other great capabilities
which other animals don’t have.
These are the capabilities of reasoning and intuition.

Most of the people are suffering from a disease called busyness.
So, they don’t get time to pause and think about the meaning of life.
Therefore they use these two functions also for survival
and the tragedy is that your whole life goes like this.

Up until the last breath they wish something else
could have been done or
that could have been done in better way
to make life more comfortable
or better than their next neighbor or their challenger.

But all these questions come from our desire to survive better.
This is how we create unnecessary fuss and drama
around the simple things of life
and cry life has become complex.

When you use powerful tools
to solve the simple survival problem of life
then it is like using a sword to sew your torn shirt.
What will you get? tatters!

But people don’t get this simple point of using
wrong tool throughout their entire might to make life comfortable
Or make it more rich, so they keep suffering their whole life.

If comfort was the goal then rich and comfortable people
like Siddhartha, Nanak Sahib, Meera were fool
to pause and seek something more meaningful?
They went out of their physical comfort and
struggled enough to get that
which gives unshaken peace even to face the worst of life.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari