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Who Killed Tantra

Who Killed Tantra

Tantra means system. (like Lok-Tantra, Praja-Tantra etc)
Mantra means sound which contains secret, powerful energy.
Yantra means tool.

Indian Tantra school
(a school that uses a system or collection of systems)
helps in creating tools (Yantra).
This yantra may be of Devi (female),
Devta (female) yantra.
Theoretically, I believe it is possible
to create neutral Yantra as well.

But the purpose is
to use tool for some genuine
good purpose and solve complex problems.

You do not use JCB crane to lift a pen.
Without a tool, you can lift that using your hand.

Neither the purpose is
to keep praising, cleaning, or sharpening
or offering flowers to Yantra.
Yantra (Tool) is meant to achieve some goal.

Being a subjective Yantra
you need to maintain a personal
and emotional relationship with the Yantra
that is why daily Pooja etc
is necessary but that is not the goal.
Not surrendering to Yantra is the goal.
And logically this act cannot give
you any results as well.

Tantra or Systems primarily come
from Shaivites, Vaishnavites, and Shakta schools.

I fail to understand
why this beautiful science is killed
systematic in the last 100 years
and we have moved into western systems of one God,
many gods, mass prayer, mass meditation, mass service etc.
These may be good political tools to unite
the people and rule the nation
but definitely not what our ancestors have given to us.

Political responses to public Namaz, Sunday masses
can we Public Ramlila, Public Hanuman Chalisa etc.
But this is not our original system,
This is the response to political threats.

The most unfortunate part of this is,
many who claim to know this science
are either fraud or ill minded people.
On top of that western-educated
media reporters, editors, debaters,
and commentators bring it further down.

In the public domain science means physical sciences
but what about these sciences
which has been part of culture and traditions?

Without all this what god or goddess
we are praying and to whom we are fooling
by following western traditions?

Are we trapped in politics?
Are we trapped in race and competition with westerners?
Have we become mindless
who is not able to understand what is happening around us?
Or we are so naive that anybody can fool us?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari