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Who Is The Knower Of Brahman?

Who Is The Knower Of Brahman?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that
Brahma Gnyani knows everything,
he doesn’t eat anything,
he doesn’t do anything,
he sits at one place under a tree
without moving and bless
to all whoever comes to him.

I do not know how this notion
has come to Indian society.
Is this thought planted in us or
our own self imposed guideline?
But this is not a sign of a wise society.

What s/he does or doesn’t is her/his choice,
after all, s/he is Mukta and Gnyani.
It is foolish to decide and control
the behavior of Mukta Purusha.
If you become a judge and start judging this way
then he will frustrate the judge
and remain joyful himself.

In the age of the Internet, you need not
memorize the facts to become Gnyani.
Otherwise, you will end up becoming Baddha (slave) Gnyani.
What is the use of knowing all and having all
but still miserable!

Brahma Gnyani means one who experiences
his/her existence as eternal and immortal unconditionally!
Because of this experience s/he remains stable inside.

Because of his/her Sadhana and calm mind,
he may know the past of everyone (history)
but he still cannot know the present and future.
Because by design future is probabilistic
and anything can happen in probability.

And to know the present
one needs to experience the moment
under the cursor of time and
not thinking of past and present.
The present is always beyond time.

He still doesn’t know mathematics,
physics, geology, chemistry, computers, etc.
If he wants to know he still needs
to struggle to learn and experiment.

It is foolish to think a Brahma Gnyani
should not waste his time in physical sciences
because they are low and learn the only spiritual text.
This is the reason our modern Gurukul
remain restricted to the study of philosophy and religion.

What one does, learn or not learn is his choice
but all he does is in the Mukta Bhava
and to experience the Moksha
in all the moments of living in the body.

There are all kinds of people in
the world of religious, spiritual, and householder.
Don’t waste your time judging without being a judge.
Spend time to learn and experience
that freedom which is your own nature
and your Dharma.

He still needs food to eat, cloth to wear
and roof to arrange his life.
But everyone needs all this
how to identify Brahma Gnyani?

Don’t break your head in knowing that
who is Brahma Gnyani and who not.

Spend time to know, understand,
and experience that how come
you immortal Atman take birth,
will die and bounded by Samsara.
This effort will help you remaining
blissed out and not judging the other.

O Pratibima, for this, you learn from
whatever source it is possible.
Friend or foe, nature or teacher,
Known or unknown, liked or disliked.
If you remain conscious and wise
then this journey is a real journey of
Azadi/ Freedom/ Moksha/ Liberation,
rest all is politics and game.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari