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Who Is The Doer?

Who Is The Doer?

Who is the cause of doing?
Who gets the fruit of action?
There are the following confusions/believes in the mind of people in our society.

  1. Some say I do and I bear the fruit. No role of god.
  2. Some say God does everything, without His desires even a leaf doesn’t fall from a tree.
  3. I do but God is instrumental in getting this done through me. We, Jeeva, are just being played we get the fruit in the form of Sukha and Dukha.
  4. No one is a doer, no one causes, nothing happening here all is our mental creation.
  5. No one is a doer, no one is a cause, nothing is happening, we do not exist. This all is happening in the Dream of God. In fact, our waking state is also a dream of God. When God awake life is over.
  6. This all is Leela of God. He is alone and he is playing. We think we are doing and getting the fruits of karma. But that is just thinking not the truth.
  7. There is no God. Human desire and compulsiveness are the cause of action, a human does it and he reaps the fruit. Everybody gets Karmafala some get it more at a physical level some more at mental and others at an intellectual level.

Do you think any other belief exists in your mind?
What do you think is the truth of this existence?
I have different thinking on this.
Let me put the idea forward through a story.

A man living alone in a forest.
Away from the hustle-bustle of the city.
He has his own small house in the forest.
One day a flight lost the signal,
the pilot got a mild brain stroke,
and the plane moves in a different direction.
The flight goes in the forest and exactly above this person’s house
flight crash and everybody is dead,
Except for this pilot and forest man both are hugely injured
but no support and crying hugely in pain
at a 500-meter distance from each other.

Who is the doer this whole event?
What is the cause of this event?
Who is getting the fruits of this event?

Events in life are not that simple which we think.
It looks simple because we refuse to think
either because we are tired or lazy or dull in mind.

If the Cosmos is intelligent or God is a working force then
What justifies the pain of one from the Karma of others?
If we look at events or objects around
as an individual doer then it looks almost impossible to know.
Is it easy to navigate the Karma?
Is it possible to know who is the real doer?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari