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Who Is The Creator?

Who Is The Creator?

Faith can move mountains, but faith should be well-founded,
and you should be able to wait for enough.
If the faith in something moves mountains someday then
it doesn’t mean the object on which have faith has done that miracle.
It also means that you have the power to move mountains.
Act may be physical or mental.
Your emotions have the power
to synchronize with the vibration of the mountain
and when you both are in sync
you can create constructive or destructive patterns of waves
and either smash the mountain, move it or invert it.
It looks impossible in classical physics,
but from quantum physics, all this is possible.
The only thing is, we don’t know enough about
how to control and be in sync with the cosmos.

Yogi tries to do that and find results that are very encouraging.
That is why, in the yogic systems,
the concept of Tantra and Siddhi is so famous.
It is different that because of poor understanding
or fainted will power people cannot take that kind of
life long task in their hand
and believe all is a mental concoction.
On top of that in this fast-moving technology world
Who has time and lifelong commitment
for experimenting with these ideas?

Whatever you know that you know from
your senses, mind, and intellect.
You shut them down, there is no way to know.
This is true for every life, insect, or animal, or human.
What is the reality around? No one knows.
A rose is red or white, we know because of eyes and mind.
Food is sweet or sour, we know from tongue and mind.
Music is good or rough, we know from ear and mind.
Cloth is soft or hard, we know from skin and mind.
A person is a friend or enemy we know from memory and analysis.

So our nervous system is designed in such a way that
all our sensory inputs are carried to the brain.
It refers to certain local memories,
processes, comprehend, and know the world around.
This is the physical way of knowing.
This is good for physical survival.

You believe in the energy system or God or the devil.
It is your belief.
What you see is your creation or creator’s creation?
It is not easy to know this.
Why? Because the nature of the mind is like that!

You go before a mirror and ask who is that.
The answer you get is, it is me.
But the reality is, that is your reflection, not you.
You see through the eyes, but you cannot see eyes.
Even before the mirror, you get an idea about eyes,
but you cannot see your real eyes. Why?
The nature of existence is like that.
Seer can never ever see himself or herself.
You can extend that logic a little further,
and you will know the knower knows everything but himself,
Experiencer experience everything but himself.

Who is that knower?
Even intellectual people, yoga practitioners, and philosophers puzzle over it.
They think it is energy.
So they say I am energy, I am light, I am love etc.
So they know themselves with these attributes.
But if you apply previous logic, then you will understand
this is the knower’s perception about the reality around,
It is neither a reality nor it is that experiencer
who is experiencing light or energy or love!

In physics, there is no difference between mass and energy.
They both are one and the same thing.
They keep interchanging and keep creating
the world around and within our body.
Food becomes energy and life survives for one more day.
Wood burns and it becomes heat and light.
Wood mass transforms into light and energy.

The question is that who does all these transformations?
That transformer is not a subjective reality but an objective one.
That is not energy.
That is beyond your comprehension and experience.
But it is there.

Religious people say it is God.
Spiritual people say it is spirit or soul.
Modern-day scientists say it is energy or force.
Fanatic says it is my God.
Yogi says I don’t know, but I experience that something is there.
Advaita Vedantin says I am that transformer.
But don’t get me wrong
I am not that who is speaker,
nor that who is listening,
I am not the body, nor energy, nor mind,
nor intellect, nor emotions, not god, not devil,
not earth nor water nor fire nor air nor space.
But the creator of space in which all the phenomena happens.

Oh Chaitanya, you are that creator, transformer
Know yourself as non-physical.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari