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Who Is Really Sleeping?

Who Is Really Sleeping?

Waking to one who is sleeping is easy.
Waking to one who is awake is difficult.
Waking to one, who is fully awake in his dreams
and thinking that the absolute truth is this
what I am experiencing, is most difficult.

People can have this kind of dream
even when they are physically
running behind something.

Melting frozen water is easy
Freezing oxygen is very difficult
But unfreezing a frozen mind is extremely difficult.

Why a mind get frozen?
Because of ‘Tamas’, inertia,
laziness, living in a dead-end for a long,
feeling comfortable in life,
easy money, undisciplined lifestyle,
free flow living, madly looking for permanency in life,
not able to appreciate or respect others point of view,
not getting for which you are working hard for a long time,
consuming toxins that your body cannot handle, feeling worthless.
are few causes of freezing mind.

But, it is the responsibility of friends,
who are more wake to perceive the truth,
to wake and inspire others
to see beyond the horizon
and see which cannot be seen
when one is drunk with the toxin of
power, money, name, fame, luxury,
comfort and arrogance or too busy are serving self.

O Pratibimba, if you know
you are fully awake for the absolute reality
then can you wake up your dearest?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari