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Who Is Athiest

Who Is Athiest

Completely unaware and ignorant of the competition
of the various religions, gods and their followers
I was resting on the lap of the Truth
The Truth was protector so I never bothered to take risk
of waking and then running in the world for doing some karma
Because I know I am a child,
I will make mistake and follower will torture me
What else can be a more protected place
to live than the lap of the Truth?

It must be dawn in the sky
and David, my close friend came to meet me
He told me that if you don’t believe Jesus as the son of God
As your savior then there is no hope for you.
It looks you are an atheist and you are going to go into eternal hell.

I told him I don’t know who is god,
Nor am I aware where he lives,
Neither I have seen the birth of Jesus
How can my belief in something
for which I am completely unaware,
someone can push me to eternal suffering?
Humanity is already suffering
not because of belief or not belief in Jesus.

I heard about Jesus,
He had good saintly qualities
He walked on this earth
Did many good karmas for humanity,
so I have very high regard and respect for his work.

But, truly I have not seen God.
Why are forcing me to believe that,
that saint was the son of the God
A God whom I don’t know
You want me to believe in God
And then believe further that Jesus was his “the” son?
If God exists then why am I not his son?
My friend got upset and left me alone in his hopelessness

Once upon a time, I was walking in the garden of the Truth
My friend Salim saw me puzzled and came inside the garden
He wanted to help me
He asked me, what happened,
why are you looking so puzzled?
I told him the story of my friend David.

Salim told me in a compassionate voice that forget him.
You need not worry about those people.
Those are false people, they are killers of Jesus.
But I have good news for you.

“The” latest version of the message of the God
was given to Prophet Mohammad
It is written in a book, which I can give you.
If you understand that book and live life as per that book
then you will go to heaven
Otherwise, this world is controlled by the Saitan
And you will definitely go to eternal hell

I told him this world is already suffering.
But not because people have not read your book
There are many who have read that
People have understood that book thoroughly
And trying their best to do as per the book.
That doing is causing a problem to humanity
Not the book reading or understanding

After understanding that book
Why don’t you yourself do something
To make this earth a beautiful place for all human
But don’t force me to read something more
And then do something,
And in exchange for that
your book will promise me some unknown beautiful land.

I asked Salim, how reading a book make sure that I can follow the book?
Information, knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment all are not the same.
During this conversation, we both are in the Garden of the Truth.
Why we need to believe something
which is not in our experience and beyond our comprehension?
If you have patience then talk to me logically and from experience.

Why my belief is going to determine eternal hell or heaven for me?
As if my karma not enough.
Have I done any harm to Jesus or David or his God?
Have I hurt you, your book, your prophet, or your Allah?
Then why and who can illogical punish me?
This cosmos is not so dumb and idiot to punish an innocent.

He tried to convince me but failed and finally told me that
Although you are a good man
But you are Kafir and I feel pity for you that
A good person like you will definitely go into eternal hell.

Now I was very much puzzled
My two friends who think so much about me
They want to ensure that I should go to eternal heaven
but I am not complying with their belief systems and their books
Nor I am interested in dying for the sake of heaven
Therefore they are feeling helpless for me.

Yes, I am an Atheist
Till my senses and intellect is working
I cannot allow dogmas & believes to subjugate them
I live on the lap of Truth
I want to see the Truth and realize the Truth.

Yes, I do not know many things
But I am ready to understand.
If someone explains me logically
I am ready to put my best efforts
to understand the Truth of life
I am not interested in your concept of
one time death & going to eternal heaven or hell

I know after I die I will leave this body here
Because this body is my loan from the mother earth
Without body, heaven and hell is of no value for me
I don’t care about your food, virgins, and wine there.
Those interests I could never develop even in this life.

As far as heaven and hell for my soul is concerned
I know I am eternal I will never die
I will come again, as per my Karma
I will come again, like a leaf come again
to the tree after falling at the feet of the tree
I may not know that I am the same
but this tree may be knowing.
But I am not concerned about that also
As long as I don’t know my true nature,
No one can help me,
books are external.
After I know myself, I don’t need any help from anyone.

Yes, I don’t believe in Shiva sitting on the mount Kailasha with his family.
Yes, I don’t believe Vishnu sleeping in the ocean and Lakshmi sitting pressing his feet.
Yes, I don’t believe Brahma an old white beard god is hanging in the sky because his job is over.

If your definition of Theist is to believe
in some book and your imaginative stories of hell and heaven,
in your loving, caring, and cruel God,
in your stories of god created the world in seven days and then taking rest.
Then I don’t have shame in saying that
I have not surrendered my intellect & intelligence.
It is not going in my head.

But “my friend”, Truth, knows I am a theist.
I believe in the Existence of life because I can experience this.
I believe in the Law of karma because I can rationalize this.
I believe in Dharma because it binds me to my duties.
I believe in the Mother because her love guides me and protects me while living.
I believe in the Guru because his guidance shows me the right path in life.
I believe in the Friends because their presence makes me feel that I exist and I am valuable to them.
I believe in Death because I have seen many passing before me.
I believe in the Wisdom of ancient books because they do not disconnect me from the reality of the world.

The truth of Vedanta is Life for those
Who do not care for hell and heaven.
Who do not care about God and Saitan.
Who do not care about the rise and fall in life.

Only those who are bold can see in the Eyes of Truth directly.
Very few are blessed who have an opportunity to walk with the Truth
This comes at a price.
The price is you have to drop your dogmas and believes.
The habit of saying untruth and pleasing people
The habit of remaining slept for the whole lifetime.
The habit of pretending you know when you don’t know.
And cowardliness of not living the truth which you know.

Yes I am atheist as per your worldly definitions
But I know, I am the child of Truth
And Truth is never Atheist

What did you say?
Because I am theist therefore I deserve a place in heaven?
O man I am already in heaven
you around me polluting this heaven
So please go to earth where believer lives.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Your Truly Hari