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What Test To Know The Self?

What Test To Know The Self?

Every object around us including our body has two kinds of properties physical properties like color, mass, density, shape, size, etc., and chemical properties like object are poison, acid, base, the reaction of an object when mixed with other objects, etc.

Whatever we experience around in the physical world is because of these two types of properties. So we have physical tests and chemical tests. What we experience mentally is also an extension of these two tests, either we recall tests from the past or we project them in the future.

You cannot understand anything fully just by physical test, nor you can know fully just by chemical test. For example, you have a special shape leaf before you. You never saw this kind of leaf before. Now, you want to know, this is a leaf of what kind of plant? What kind of flower or fruit that plant has? Whether this leaf eatable or not? What medicinal value this leaf has etc.? For that full Knowledge, you have to perform a range of physical and chemical tests.

O Chaitanya! what test need to be performed to know the self?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari