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What Kind Of Education?

What Kind Of Education?

Religious education teaches you
relative morality, rituals, and traditions.
It forces you to believe
in the knowledge of books as “the” truth
and your traditions are “the” most useful, practical
and others’ are just childish or outdated.

Currently prevailed secular education
teaches us how to extract
the maximum joy from the resource,
people, nature, and systems around us.
The teaching is so focused on the extraction
that student misses many important lessons
but remember just one.

We need to ask ourselves,
if we could have understood
physics, chemistry, and maths
of the high school properly
then would we have lived the way we are living?

What is that education system
which can metamorphoses
a natural, selfish, greedy, egoistic,
lusty, jealous, angry animal-human to divinely human?

In the age of sophisticated weapons
killing Ravan is very easy.
Identifying, locating, and making him convinced
that he is Ravan is extremely difficult.

Because for that we need to be
an unblemished character like Rama.
This is possible only in self-start mode.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

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