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What Is Violence

What Is Violence

In nature every entity has life.
Life means takes birth, grows, decay, and die.
Look around and identify
what is that which is permanently there?
A lifetime of life may vary
from microseconds to billions of years.
But everything comes into existence and disappears.

Every life has its parts
e.g. human life has parts like head, hand, feet, brain, etc.
and all parts put together make a complete system.

The system automatically consumes
the necessary things from the surrounding
without much efforts
like air, water, etc
provided they are available
in good quality and quantity
else system and in turn life need to struggle.

If struggle fails then the system collapses
and living body die.
This principle applies to all lives
including plants, insects, animals, etc.

Every system automatically throw away
some waste, which is not required by the system
If the waste does not come out automatically
then system and life need to struggle to throw away
if struggle fails then life get disease and
dies over time with that disease.

The automatic output of every system is different
in a plant, it is a leaf, fruits, flowers, etc.
in the animal being it is milk, urine, poo, sweat, nails, hair, etc.

Nature has made a system in such a way that
every output of some living system
is input and survival for other life.
Nothing goes waste.

The only question is a particular output
becomes the input for whom.
e.g. waste of cut vegetables
can be food for cows or maggots.
Depends on how sensibly you generate output
And how sensibly you feed the next system.

Now the truth is
if the input is not available
to a particular living entity
at the time of need then it will die.

There may be an abundance of food in the world
But time and place of the availability matters
If fertilizer is not available at the root of the plants then it dies
If insects are not available to the birds in their area then they die
If the grass is not given to the cow then she dies

Every life fights its best for survival before it dies
Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores
has a different kind of fights and with different lives.
This fight for the survival of the self is violence.

The least violence is done by those
who cannot travel like plants and trees?

Most violence is done by human
who can do anything
even make or buy sophisticated equipment
to fight and win at any price.

If enough is available then
animals, birds, plants do not fight
with each other for survival.

But the fight of human looks illogical.
Even if enough is available he wants
to have more for tomorrow
not only for him but for his own people
not only for one or two days survival
but for the time till he dies
And he thinks he will never die
So keep in the go-down
as much as possible

So they turn houses into go-down
Without realizing that if they die tomorrow
There is not container service available
for the place where they go after death.

Human does not fight only for body survival
but the survival of his ideas and thoughts post his death.

A human fights for the ideas
of somebody whom he likes
i.e. Communist and leftist
people fight for the ideals of Karl Marks
and Gandhian people fight
for the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi.

Human fights for his group.
A human fights for the dominance over others.
Human fights for proving himself right.

Human creates something for peace and harmony
and if somebody disturbs that
then human fights for that also
i.e human fights for religion.
Basically, religion is a system for peace and harmony.
But a human fight for that as well.

A Human fights for his taste.
If he like the taste of something
then whether it is live or dead
must be served on his plate for his enjoyment.

To survive every living needs some input.
If that is not easily available then
life fights with the other lives in nature.

Look it from the human perspective
when we fight we get mental and physical exertion
and with whom we fight the same happens to that as well.

Let us assume for sometime
you are living in a far village
In that village, there is only one home
and you are alone in that home

Today you are feeling hungry
you want something and nothing is available around
so you need to struggle.

You enter into a forest next to the village
and you find a dead goat; running chicken;
freshly fallen fruits from the tree; other hanging fruits,

Ask yourself what will you do
and what will you eat?
Fallen fruit or hanging fruit or
catch the running chicken or cook the dead goat.
It will help you understanding
how violent you are on a day to basis.

This is not a question of religion
This is not a question of survival
When enough is available then
what we prefer to eat is a matter of taste!

Every living being does violence for the survival
Eating a fallen fruit is one kind of violence
Plucking the fruit from the tree is another kind of violence
Eating a dead goat is one kind of violence
Eating a running chicken is another kind of violence

The highest degree of violence is where
eater and eaten both fights
for survival and both are emotional beings.

Ask yourself in nature
Whatever input you are consuming
is made for your survival or
some other kind of life is entitled to that.

The biggest problem is
human thinks life on the earth
is made by the god for him.
So if we do not enjoy then who will enjoy it.
The thought that this phenomenal world is human-centric
is the disease of the human mind.
And this is the cause of high violence.

Oh Pratibimba, it is possible to cure this disease by compassion?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Your Truly Hari