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What Is The Waking State Of Life?

What Is The Waking State Of Life?

A person has done some heinous crime against another person. Police caught him and presented in court and the court sentenced him to be hanged on a certain date. Police personnel taking the person to be hanged. This person can run away and there are not many police people so that policeman wraps that person in some plastic and binds him tightly so that he cannot run away before he is taken to jail for hanging.

I meet this police head constable on the road he tells me the above story briefly. And then handover that body to me along with the court order copy. And tells me please ensure this person is hanged by this time. Otherwise, you and I both will be in trouble. And that police person disappears from the scene.

Now I am feeling a sense of duty to finish this task. I take this criminal bound in polythene wrapper, in my left arm. I am not feeling any weight from this person. I start traveling towards the place where an authorized person can hang the criminal. I don’t know the place. So searching for this place in the city.

I realized I am in Pondicherry and people are not understanding my language so I need to communicate in English. But all people don’t know English. There are many people who can understand French and Tamil. But, I don’t know French that much to communicate clearly. I am asking people where is the place where they hang criminals. They were guiding me to the place. Someone asked me why do you want to go there? I told this person in my hands need to be hanged this task has been given to me and here is the court order. That person asked me you are carrying this person packed in polythene for a long in your arms, is that person living? If he is not living then you want to hang a dead person? I said I don’t know. But after a few seconds, that person coughs from the polythene wrap to prove that he is living. But doesn’t make any other movement in the body. Lying in my arms live completely motionless. Not even breathing.

I was fed up on the road and it is summer late morning around 10 am in Pondicherry. People are not helping me and I am getting tired. Then I thought, let me take an auto-rickshaw and pay him for helping me. Whatever is the expense I will claim from govt because this is a government job.

I am looking for an auto and calling him for help. While the auto is coming to me and crossing the road, I am thinking who is the person in my hands? What crime he has done? Why he is so weightless? How can he remain unmoved without breathing and still living in my hands?

Now my dream breaks by the 5 am alarm on my phone. And for 90 minutes I am puzzled and finally writing this incident. What was the dream that which I saw or this where I am questioning? I don’t know.

I heard morning dreams are meaningful and they have an important message for us. It is a guidance of divine forces in advance. Probably universal cosmic power wants to make me prepared for something. I don’t know.

I don’t know whether good or bad is going to happen so anxiety is obvious. But after so many ups and downs in life, I started understanding that this waking state is also a dream state in human life.

We think that a state where we ask the more fundamental questions and validate the purpose of happening and incidents in life is a waking state but when we are in a dream state then those events and questions there are not any less real. Whatever we know and experience is our reality when we wake to another state of existence then previous reality looks unreal, illogical. Fight, desperation, struggle, enjoyment, people, relationships of that state, money, power, poverty all disappear as soon as the state changes.

In life we go through the three states everyday, waking, dream, and sleep. In whatever state we live in life is the reality until we are living there. Once we move to the next level of awareness then all past state actions, environments, the relationship looks lessor real, fake, and foolish act. The question is how long it takes for a person to move from one state of awareness to another state of awareness. Death is waking to another state of awareness. Every day when our older bodies and ideas die we wake up for new dimensions of life. The dead body gets dissolve into five primary elements of the body but awareness continues.

Life is that which has no relationship with death. “Life” is a noun, not a verb. When the living(verb) process is happening in a body then life (noun) moves to another place for living and the previous body falls.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari