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What Is Love?

What Is Love?

Normally people think love is between opposite genders.
Some people think love is about sex.
There are enough minds who don’t perceive
any difference between this four-letter word
and another four-letter English word.
You know what I mean.
Other people say I love shopping.
There are some who say I love eating, sleeping, dancing.

People say they fall in love.
Some others say they are crushed by love.
There are some who feel cheated and robbed in love.

People say love is blind.
There are people who feel love happens between equals.
Some people say love can spoil you, so be cautious.

Some say love is Bhakti.
Others say in love, we surrender completely.
Some say love is unconditional.
Business people say love is a transaction.

Life exists at multiple levels.
Like onion has many layers
And each layer is made of different color, size, smell, geometry
All layers make that onion
Remove all layers, there is no physical entity called onion.

Life exists at multiple levels.
Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Energy
Each layer is complex enough.
Each layer has its own function and contribution to our existence.
Which layer you experience more
that depends on how deeper you could dive into
the existential ocean called cosmos or life.

Love is a force of attraction.
Love is a force of nature.
When you see clouds dancing on the chest of a mountain they are in love.
When you see Chataka bird does not drink water
and wait for a drop of water from rain. She is in love.
When a sunflower aligns herself toward the sun that is love.

When farmer sow some seed in the earth
and nurture the earth with his love
Then earth returns a plant
That is the exchange of love.
That is why the earth is called mother
and Farmer is called father.

When you throw something above
And it falls back to earth
It is because of the attraction of earth called love.

When you behave appropriately with animals
They become harmless for you
That is the power of your love.

When you think you are giving more and other is giving less
Your love is moving towards a transaction.
When you say “I love you” then peep inside
there are chances you are not feeling it.
When you feel the loss of words
but overflowing energy from within
there is high chance you are in Love.

To love you don’t need love from others
Love is your capacity and capability
It doesn’t become less or more within you
because of other person’s behavior
When you are empty or have less feeling of love
then, a miser is your guide, you want to give little by little
only at those places from where you get it equal or more.

When you say I cannot live without you
That is the crutch of dependence, not love.
Some love this kind of crutch.

When some say I love only you
And you both believe in that statement
There are chances you both have not
understood the meaning of
that word as existential reality.

When you see a beautiful flower in someone’s garden
Then given an opportunity what do you of that flower?
You fall in love!
After some time you pluck it from the branch.
Keep in your pocket,
Or offer at the feet of your God
Or offer it to your sweetheart.
Or keep it on your table.
That is the way generally humans handle love.

Cut it, hold it, possesses it.
Have sex, make it a slave of your desires.
Either be mine or perish.
This they call love,
it is another name of cruelty and not love.

Let that flower be on the branch.
Appreciate it there.
Touch it and let it dry and fall it there.
If you really love that flower
then what is your business to pluck it?
As if the flower is saying
I want to give my life for your love.
Cut me from the branch and finish me.

Matter, Energy, and Consciousness
are three truths of our existence.
You are a consciousness.
In that consciousness you love.
All feelings are energy
And you feel that
because you have matter called body.

Energy can remain subtle, constructive, or violent.
Love is the energy of construction.
Love is energy that empowers us to surrender and give.
Love is energy emitting from silence
Love is energy with which you feel liberation
Love is energy in which you are not physical
but a weightless balloon.
Love is that emotion where you are emotions botched up
You don’t know you are smiling
or crying or numb without words.

You Pratibimba, this is what I experience about
this overly used multi-loaded word, called love.
What is your experience of love?
Not what you think about love!

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari.