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What Is Balance Food Diet?

What Is Balance Food Diet?

Food, sex, religion, and politics are four topics where everyone has his own experience, a perspective of looking into, and a view about.

Here I am putting My view about food. If you disagree with my views, then I would love to listen and learn more from every thinking man and woman.

Human is a thinking animal, a human can think, and it helps human to understand the environment better and adapt to the environment. Other than if we think a human is God created special life on this planet etc. that is all our personal belief. No one knows the truth, it is an internal debate, so better move to the topic of food.

Go into an open environment like a forest or park and watch insects, birds, reptiles, and animals. Look what they eat and how they survive. Do they struggle to choose between what to eat and what not? They know their food very well. How? Because of their design! The design of their intestine, mouth, teeth, tongue, etc. tells them what will help in surviving and what not. So they eat what is fit for them. You can this any technical name like nature, Swabhav, etc., but ultimately it is their design.

You will rarely see a non-vegetarian cow, goat, deer, etc. Likewise, you will rarely see a vegetarian lion, bear, leopard, etc. I am saying rarely because exceptions are there in nature and people can dig the hole even in sound logic. For that, what they need is an exception!

To survive, every life needs a balanced diet of vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, protein, etc. It is not that only humans need it. Ask yourself from where a pure vegetarian animal gets all these components for living a healthy life? Did you find a protein or vitamin deficit in cows, goats, or lions? If yes, then did you recommend them to keep on a different diet so that their deficiency problem can be addressed. Even before we have these high-tech English words, life on this planet is existing for many millennia.

Now the question is what is good for humans? The answer is in another question. Why human is struggling so much to determine this? Especially when every creature on the planet knows what to eat when to eat, how to eat. How come only human is confused?

I think the answer is we don’t observe enough and don’t think deeper. We are rational beings, so we use intellect to justify whatever we like or hate. Animals never had that luxury.

Look yourself in the mirror, ask yourself are your teeth, tongue, and mouth design anything like lion or cow. Is your intestine like a cow or lion? Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores have different body designs.

Because of cultural reasons, we attach food to religion, but for a thinking person, food shouldn’t be a religious issue. You have taste buds for something, and you want to eat something. For that, we take the help of religion or science. People put the arguments of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates from science books without realizing that other creatures are also living a healthy life without reading diet charts. How come, only humans need to eat something which is not his or her design. When they put a daily diet chart of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins before me, I always laugh at that. I say you eat whatever you’re convinced of, don’t try to justify that with this western science’s balance dietary chart, after all, human has the intellect to justify everything.

Based on the food available around, humans had adapted themselves accordingly. There are still humans who eat raw animals and insects to survive because agriculture is possible only when there is civilization and culture. When agriculture evolved, the human design also changed over the period.

But humans still give that logic of balancing their diet by eating something which is coming from animals. Some are limited to milk and dairy items and some go to the extent of killing and eating animals. Some do this in the name of religion, some in the name of science.

Oh Pratibimba! Will human being ever obverse, think, and do?

Or always do and reason his or her desire, actions?