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What Is A Positive Mindset

What Is A Positive Mindset

What is positivity? What is positive thinking?
What is a positive mindset?
Why is positivity so important?
Why is negative hated so much?
What is positivity and what is negativity?
Is there any plus or minus sign on the events,
people, thoughts, places, around us?

Despite there is no sign on the objects,
How do we recognize this is positive and this is negative?
And how come one thing which is negative is positive for others?
And something positive is negative for others?

Negative or positive is not absolute characters in nature.
They are two opposite poles of an infinite line
These opposite poles can be called negative or positive
This imaginative line doesn’t have
distinct negative or positive at any specific place.

On this imaginative line to decide, these are two opposite sides
You need to know the location of the center
But on the infinite line, you cannot locate a center
Every point is a center on an infinite line.

Have any seen negative signs on an electron?
Has anyone seen a positive sign on a proton?
Has anyone seen a positive sign on a laughing face?
Has anyone seen a negative sign on a bitter face?

From our experience, we know
earth exists, earth has north and south pole
We know the earth has the magnetic character of south and north pole
But no one can point a location on the earth
that from here north or south pole of magnet starts.

So negative-positive, good-bad, day-night they look like the contrast
and they exist in our experience,
but our experiences are based on relativity.
Even after heavy use of this word “absolute”
There is nothing absolute in our experience!

How easy it is to say think positive
when you are in the kitchen and boiling milk spill over the stove?
when you are drinking coffee and coffee falls on your new clothes?
when you are hungry; eating your food
and that time your food plate falls from the table
and there is nothing else in the kitchen?

when you were rejected by the interviewer in the last round?
when you missed your flight for a critical business meeting?
when your customer gives you zero-rating
for your work, product, or service?

when you hear from your partner or children,
what you have done for me?
when somebody hits your car, abuses you, beats you,
and wants compensation because he is a big person
and his big car also got damaged as yours?

If we cannot think positive in these situations, then
for what purpose this positive thinking preach is given?

Is positive thinking about hoping for happening which you wish?
Is positive thinking about hoping against all the hope?
Can positive thinking be enforced?
Can a positive thinking mind be cultivated temporarily?

Is it a normal functioning of the mind?
Is it about stopping old negative thinking habits of a mind?
Is it possible to stop negative thinking? How?
Does your mind even know what is positive or what is negative?

A mind is a faculty like the heart or lungs or eyes.
It works on inputs, without bothering what is the input.
It is the Dharma (nature/duty) of a mind to think.
It is the Dharma of the lungs to clean the inhaled breath.
It is the dharma of the heart to pump the blood to body parts.
Mind, lungs, and hearts process whatever is available to them.

Is it possible to have a positive mind
without developing a habit of deeper thinking?
Without understanding the deeper meaning of events,
objects and relations around?
Foolishly people think deeper thinking causes problems.

A child was eating groundnuts from a bowl
and the bowl falls on the ground.
Bowl is broken, groundnuts spread on the entire room,
and the child is crying.
Mother says don’t worry,
I will fix that but can you tell me many groundnuts I gave to you?
The child says wait I will count.
The child counts and collects all groundnut in another bowl.
Mother cleans the floor
The child learned to see the meaning of the event.

The kitchen is just cleaned,
A housewife preparing tea for her family
tea spill over the stove and makes the entire area dirty
finally not enough tea for all members.
Mother says you have not offered food to fire for long.
Today if one cup of tea is offered to fire then feel blessed.
After Havan, we need to clean the floor.
So, we can clean the kitchen in that spirit.
She further says sharing, when you have less is a sign of love.
Anybody can share when it is enough
So the lady redistribute the same quantity among all
Lady learned to see the meaning of the event.

A person who was out of his job for six months
Was rejected in his fiftieth interview
He comes home and writes his diary
Thank you, God for letting me know that
before I get the best job for me
I should know these things also
which my interviewer told me
That person is learning to see the meaning of the event.

We need to understand the difference between
hoping against hope and positivity.
We need to understand, taking everything in our control
and then expecting now things will happen
as we want is not about positivity.

We need to understand, leaving everything to god
and then quoting from scriptures,
poems of great devotees and philosophers
that God will do everything
This is not positivity.

A positive mind is neither lives in helplessness.
Neither it is endlessly waiting and hoping for what it wants.
A positive mind is not about being foolishly happy.

A positive mind is cultivated by your
own long, continuous, sustained efforts.

A positive mind is cultivated when you start
giving joyful meaning to the events.

A positive mind is about how to be joyful
in whatever is happening around us.

A positive mind is about how to
look at events from a different perspective.

A positive mind is about how to seek
and then give larger meaning
to the events happening around.

A positive mind is about never becoming bitter for anything
no matter how dangerous was that.

A positive mind is about thinking constructively
and giving a befitting response without being
bitter or attached to some event or person.

A positive mind is not about surrender to the situation.
A positive mind is not about the devotee’s mind or the enemy’s mind.

A mind that uses past and memories
but never get hooked to the past in some nostalgia.

A mind that uses future and imagination
but never get hooked to any fear, anxiety, and excitement

A positive mind is a stable mind.
So, don’t become prejudice in your mind
And expect it shall do something and shall not do others.
Don’t expect mediation will solve the problem.

O mind! don’t think negatively.
O mind! think positively.
O mind! stop thinking now.
Giving these kinds of instructions never ever helps.

O God, O Gurus now I am out of control of my mind.
So you take control of my mind!
In some extreme situations, it may work.
But on day to day basis never let your mind to be a slave
of other’s thoughts and ideas.
Do not allow your mind to surrender.
Surrendering ego is a completely different thing
than surrendering your capability to think.

All this is possible if your mind is the mind of a seeker
A mind that is ready to learn
A mind that does not want to test others
A mind who is unconditionally interested
in the inner joy of mind & life.

O Pratibimba, know what kind of mind you have!
Why you become bore when people are not around you?
Why you get angry when things do not happen as per your wish?
Why you become anxious about the future?
Why you miss that this moment
when you are reading these words is
the only true moments and all other
are your just memories and imaginations.
So, develop a mind that is always joyful.

Until Next Time Stay Blessed

Hari Om Tat Sat
Your Truly Hari