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Understanding Maya 2

Understanding Maya 2

When you see sun is rising and settings
But you know it doesn’t

Approx 72 inch is human body height
One inch in eye size
One tenth is size of pupil in the eye
A small dust particle is enough to stop us seeing the world around
But we can big objects around and compare
From eyes we know a cow is bigger than a goat
Goat is bigger than cat
Cat is bigger than mouse
Mouse is bigger than ant
Ant is bigger than sugar particle
None of these objects or their sizes
exists in our mind
Still we can compare
Retina of eye convert light signals to electric signals
Brain processes electric signals
Processing of these signals is chemical process
Process is same for all human being
But even after that
we all understand the world in different way
It is Maya.

We see around thousands of broken heart
Thousands of broken marriage
Thousands of cheating and deceiving around.
But we still want get married, still have friends, relations
This is Maya.

We have not seen our great grandparents
We know we have come from those human
We know they have disappeared
We know we will also disappear at one moment
But we still behave like we are permanent here.

We know great Kings of earlier time had huge wealth,
empire, power, Large families, buildings etc.
Today we don’t see those kings around
Probably their great grandchildren are begging on the roads.
But we still want to work and earn like
Our earnings can make our children and great grandchildren safe.
This is Maya.

We buy insurance, pension, large houses
Big cars, beautiful foreign destination
to buy comfort and hope happiness will come,
Security will come.
We know many are suffering even after having all these
But we still want to have more.
This is maya.

Couple see many parents are abundant by their children
Many children have been suffering since childhood.
Many accidents and tragedies bring pain for the whole family.
Many mistreat their parents.
Abuse their property and compromise values and positions.
But we still see happiness in having children
This is maya.

We have taken birth.
Grown up and matured enough.
If we understand the maya clearly.
Then there is nothing to do.
There is no goal, no work, even basic earning for survival looks meaningless
It looks like there is nothing else to do in the world.

Now, when we are just sitting idle without any work,
we feel let’s go and play
In the process of play we get entangled in the game.
We got to the extent that we want to own the playground and other players.
We want to determine the rules of the game in the playground.
This is maya.

One day when we are kicked out of the playground
Then we realize, play was real our attitude towards
the playing caused us all pain, suffering and miseries.

O Chaitanya, play well
Ready to drop whatever you acquired through your hard play.
Your giving, taking, producing all are happening in Maya.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari