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Understanding Maya

Understanding Maya

If you live near a river or ocean
then water is everything for you.
Rain, ice, food, plant all have their source in water.

If you live near the north or the south pole of the earth
then ice is everything for you.
Everything is made of ice.
Water, vapor, cloud, life around all have sources in ice.

If you live in a heavy rain area
then clouds or vapors are everything for you.
Water, ice, plant, etc all come from clouds.

What is the truth water or ice or vapors?

If you are a secular person living near a river or ocean
then you will say, why are we all fighting?
all are the same, all is water!

Of course, others will not agree with you and say
All is the same it is ice or
All is the same it is a vapor.

If you are a chemist
then h2o is the ultimate truth of all three entities.
Otherwise, you keep fighting on the words
and all are talking about h2o,
not water nor ice nor vapor.

Mass is the condensation of energy.
What looks solid is because of two reasons.
The first is the design of our brain,
what is solid for us not solid for all other lives,
what is liquid for us not liquid for all other lives.

The second is too much energy condensed in one place.
You take anything wood or stone or glass
the same principle applies to existence.

Weight is because of gravity and mass.
And Mass is because of energy.

Finally, mass is an illusion created by energy.
But this illusion looks true
in our day to day experiences.

This is called Maya.
That which is there but not there really.

O Pratibimba, do you think
It is possible for a common mind
to transcend all relative existences and
see the absolute matter of all the objects?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari