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Training of the mind

Training of the mind

Since the first of our life
All parts and systems of our body are designed,
developed, trained, used, and maintained
in such a way that survival of the life is kept
at the helm of everything, we do or create.

Mother nature teaches that to us.
Our parents and friends teach us this.
Our teachers and instructors teach
that to us in the classroom and playground.

Survival of life is possible only when our body survives.
That is how our understanding of life is.

If body survival is that supremely important for us
then everyone around us should be used to survive our individual bodies.
The mind has been trained in such a way
that everything around is different and
you need to protect yourself from it.

Our education systems, exam, Society, government, and
even religious practices are giving that training.
Everyone from the first-day life is teaching
survival of the body is extremely important.
And we are learning mental, verbal, and action tricks for survival.

The boundary of the body is important
when the environment is hostile
When you are living in the forest
When you are living with an enemy
When you are living with people who don’t like you.
But, why the survival of the body is on top priority
when you are living with your loved one?
Or when you are living alone in a safe environment?

Our mind training is very deep,
we are not able to drop this survival instinct
even for a while when we are sleeping.

When the whole system is teaching survival
even in the comforts of the 21st century,
even in your safe home then how to experience
your existence, which is beyond the body?

In life, when survival need is taken care of then
people could have thought of self-realization.
But by that time it is too late, in old age,
the mind is trained so much differently
and it has become so hard to unwire
that a normal person cannot do it.
This training of the mind for survival is very expensive.

The price is suffering in a comfortable environment.
The price is suffering when you don’t have anything
which is challenging your survival.
Body identification is the price
that humanity pays for suffering and missing Liberation.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari