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Time and Present

Time and Present

One second is made of 1000 milliseconds.
One millisecond is made of 1000 microseconds.
One microsecond is made of 1000 nanoseconds.
One nanosecond is made of 1000 picoseconds.

So, one second is made of 10^12 picoseconds.
Thus a picosecond is a very small unit of time.

If you keep going down then you reach a limit of time where time cannot be divided further.
What is that smallest unit of time of which all times are made?

That time is 10^(-43) second. Scientifically this is the limit of the whole cosmos and existence. There is no less time than this.

Do you know what is the name of this time from which all time of past and future takes birth?

It is called “present”. This is timeless and not made of any time. Time is made of this ‘present’. “Present” is not time but the mother of all times of past and future.

“Present” is a trillion - trillion - trillion - 10 millionth part of a second.

The funny thing is we commonly say we live in the present. Living means awareness.

Keeping aside all activities if you breathe for 1 second then while breathing you need to be aware trillion - trillion - trillion - 10 million times. Try it someday without counting.

O Chaitanya, can any human do it? That is the reason most of the time either we live in the past or in the future. This past can be 1 microsecond past or 1 picosecond forward future but it is never present.

But the sadhana of living in the present will bring you very close to your existence and reality. Otherwise, most of the time people keep thinking of the previous day, week, month, year, centuries. Thinking about the past using your present is a feature of the mind. But when the past is bothering you too much or making you too nostalgic then choose to live in the present and don’t allow yourself to become the victim of time. You are a timeless Atman.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari