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Three ways of living conscious life

Three ways of living conscious life

There are three ways of living a conscious life, wakeful life. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In each way you have to ‘believe’ that others exist equally or more profoundly the way you exist.

The way of knowing the God
You have to believe God exists more profoundly than me. Once your belief is settled strongly in your heart then all other things will be taken care of by God. Now whatever is happening or will happen, that is the wish of God. This is a religious way of living. All religions of the world have this feature. In this way of living, you accept everything as a wish of God.

The way of knowing the Self
Here you have to ‘believe’ that I exist in a more profound way than I know and experience myself. Therefore, ‘who am I’ is the primary query and the main focus of living life. This is a spiritual way of life. This is Darshana or crudely saying philosophical way of living. You want to know your true nature.

The way of knowing the World around
Here you have to ‘believe’ that the physical world, objects and relationships around are more real than any other thing. Now what is the reality of this physical world around? You have two paths. One is to become scientists and know nature and its laws. This way you will know the world objectively. Second way is to go and play in the world without wasting time in understanding the world. This way you will know the world subjectively, from your own perspective, and you reject other’s way of thinking and believing. This is a way of becoming a typical political and social person.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari