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Thirukkural In Hindi

Thirukkural In Hindi


Recently I came across this ancient Tamil literature and I could not stop myself from getting the meaning. Once I understood the meaning and philosophy I wanted to enjoy the singing and meaning both.

I can read Tamil letters but I do not know the meaning so my purpose was not fulfilled. Then I started looking for this treasure in Devanagari Script with Hindi Meaning. I searched but I could not find anyone PDF which I can print and use during my prayer. Keeping this goal in mind I extracted Devnagri text from this site, correct the text in many places, and created this pdf file for Bhajan’s purpose.

If you wish, you can keep it in your collection of books for easy access. This is wonderful work and I recommend that one must read it and feel the meaning of this in day to day life.

Hindu’s dharma literature says there are four “Purushartha” of human life (purpose of life). Bhagwan Thiruvalluvar does not expect any human being to achieve Moksha in life but expects that a person lives divine life on the earth itself.

This book discusses Dharma, Artha, and Karma of life. To have better administration, better relations between humans of all faiths, respect and harmony with nature, a life full of happiness, etc this book is highly useful. My South Indian friend knows the beauty and glory of this book but Hindi speaking friends do not know much about this work.

Download Thirukkural-in-Hindi book.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari