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Thinking In Human Vs Computers

Thinking In Human Vs Computers

If a computer says I am thinking then what does it mean? It is speaking out the word which has been programmed in it by humans? Or, the processor is too busy because of some calculation or searching and hence this is status? Or is it really contemplating the meaning of words like humans do?

The beauty is many times solution comes from humans when they wake up after a deep sound sleep. Can a computer give us a solution after a long rest? Answer is no.

Computers think and processes. But we humans have a tendency to relate every concept to our life. The way we look, think, behave, interact, buy, throw, value, abuse, praise, love etc the same way machines or even our so called God should do!!! That is childish.

Finally, if something is difficult for humans that doesn’t mean it is difficult for computers as well. Neither something simple for humans menas simple for machines as well.