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Thinking and Feeling

Thinking and Feeling

Feeling and Thinking are two different process in human
And both work from different parts of the human brain.
Metaphorically people say
thinking is from the head and feeling from heart.

People say when in conflict between head and heart
then listen to the heart and not head.

Think deeper, ask yourself
can you think without feeling anything?
If that is possible then how it is possible that
you think about some past event and you become emotional?

Feel deeper, and ask yourself
can you feel something without thinking about that?
It that is the possible then
why do you rationalize feeling of love and hate
for something or someone?

In reality sometimes you think and then you feel.
and other times you feel and then think.
So when in confusion then don’t say
listen to your heart to make a decision.

In that situation, take a long pause,
think clear, feel deeper and move on.
Any decision of present can be proved
wrong or right in the future.
You don’t know what time has in its womb for you.

Sometimes you like those outcomes
and other times you feel bad.
It is not because of heart over head.
There are many forces in life
Which controls your experiences of good or bad.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari