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The Way Of Happiness

The Way Of Happiness

The Sanskrit term Sukham has multiple
English translations like happiness, pleasure, joy, etc.

Sukham is the experience of an individual.
It is your own internal feeling.
It is not an objective reality outside,
like any physical thing.
The objective reality outside has an influence on this feeling
but for a wise person, it is in his own control that how he wants to feel.

Another Sanskrit term Shanti has English meaning peace.
Shanti is both, external as well as internal reality.

So, Sukham and Shanti can be experienced
in your day to day life
but it depends upon the way you live your life,
think, transact, and respond.

Can you imagine Shukham (Joy) without Shanti?
Irrespective of what holy books say
My experience says no.
And, I hope your experience will not be much different.
But how to achieve Shanti?
Or how to live in that constant flood of mental
stability irrespective of what is thrown upon us or on our people?

To get the answer to the question
You have to be a professional, expert, and dedicated soul like Arjuna.
Otherwise answer will go over your head.
Or you can interpret that differently.

Krishna says in Bhagwat Gita 12.12
mere practicing daily what you already know is good
But, clarity and knowledge of that are more important.

Not only that, contemplation, meditation, internalization
of that is more important than
what you have clarity and knowledge about.

He further says internalization of the knowledge is not enough.
You have to work with the intention
that Karmafala of this work is good for society,
nature, human, or animal lives around.
He refers to this state of mind as Karmafala Tyaga,
renunciation of results of Karma.
Krishna says this Renunciation will lead to Shanti.

Oh Great Warrior, Oh Pratibimba
Did you get the answer to how to be happy?
As per Yogeshwar Krishna this the way of Happiness.

Not just working, practicing,
knowing, praying, running away from problems.
So face the world and live in Shanti.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

Until Next Time Remain Blessed