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The Play Is Over

The Play Is Over

When I was small, I used to cry for toys,
My parents gave me those
I played with those toys, very seriously
So seriously that if someone hides them
or break them I will create huge unrest in the family
I will cry from the top of my voice
And let others know what unjust has happened to me.

As time passes in life
My toys keep changing
Every step I move forward I was laughing
at the toys of the previous step.

Education grade, degree, job, promotion, marriage, children, their marriage,
their settlement all are our toys.
When these toys are around us
We use to take and play them seriously.
And so seriously that we are ready
To do anything to acquire a better quality toy
We are ready to do anything
To polish and to maintain a good toy.

Even in childhood, I knew I am different
and my toy is different from me.
We both are not the same.

Now, I am experiencing my body is also my toy.
Because I am not a body and
I am playing in the field using this.

Now, I am experiencing my emotions,
mind, intellect are also my toys.
Because I am neither of these and
I am playing with these.

Do you think this is the sign of Play is over?
I think I can still play without letting others know that
I am not serious about the game now.
I am not serious about the toys now.
I am just playing because of the inertia
of earlier plays keeping me in the ground
and moving this body
from one corner of the field to another.

I can experience this play,
which my body is playing the field called Samsara.

O Chaitnya, Have I understood Maya?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari