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The Nature Of Karma Fala

The Nature Of Karma Fala

Fruits may be sweet or bitter, rotten, ripe, or raw.
These are the attributes attached to a fruit.
You cannot take these attributes away from the fruit.
Like heat cannot be taken away from the fire.

Good or bad are not attributes of a fruit
like the heat is an attribute of the fire.
Every fruit has some essence
and fruit cannot exist if you remove all those the essence.

Essense of the sweetness of the fruit is inside the fruit
but goodness is not inside the fruit.
Because goodness is not the essence of the fruit.

Good or bad is not an attribute of the fruit.
This classification of good and bad
of fruit resides in the human mind.

If you get what you want
at the time when you want
then you label it good
otherwise, you call that bad.

When you were a child and like mango fruit
then what sow is a mango seed.
But by the time seed becomes a tree
and gives the fruit of your karma
you become sick and cannot eat mango
Now you cannot say that
the fruit of my karma (mango) is not good.

Now if you need Neem leaf
or neem fruit for the cure then
it is not available because you have not sown that.

Because Neem is going to cure you
and someone gives you Neem
It doesn’t neem is good now.
You are labeling it good.

In life, we cannot live without Karma
At every moment of life, we do some
mental or physical or vocal karma.
Some of those Karma bear the fruits immediately,
like feeling the heat when you go near to the fire.

Some of the Karma bear fruit after one year,
like studying for the annual exam.
Some of the Karma bears fruit after 2 months,
Like your prepare for a job interview.
Some of the Karma bears fruit at an unknown time
Like you think ill or good about somebody
And you go through mental trouble at another time.

The principle of Karma Fala is too intrigued.
You don’t know in what format
it will come back when.
No matter how much consciously you work
In life many times you have to chew
that fruit which you don’t want at that time.
If you like it you call it good
If you don’t like it then you name it bad.

But there is nothing absolute bad Fala or good Fala
Good and bad depends on what you get
in what situation and time.

O Pratibimba, do you still think
there is good Karam and bad Karma?
Do you still think there is
Good Karama Fala and Bad Karma Fala?
Do you still think Good Karma leads to Swarga
and Bad Karma Leads to Narka?

Good, Bad, Swarga, Narga is your own state of mind
Where is the duality for that
who has transcended this Duality?
But is it that easy to experience that non-duality?

And because we cannot experience that non-duality
which really exists it doesn’t mean that
we create something out of our own imagination!

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

Until Next Time Stay Blessed

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