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The Mind Is Friend Or Enemy

The Mind Is Friend Or Enemy

For any human being, his mind is
either an asset or a huge liability
Because this is The only and Final thing
with which one enjoys or suffers,
bounded or feel liberated in the world.

If a mind associates itself with
physical things and physical existence,
like body, house, wealth, stocks,
relationship, recognition, respect, etc
then it has shorter joy and long-suffering.

If mind associates itself with non-physical
like consciousness, purity, compassion, unbounded love
then it feels lighter, protected, free, and assured.

But the problem is most of the times mind,
because of constant feed from sense organs,
associates itself with the physical world
around and this has its own cost.

Our five sense organs are important for our survival
but the sense of freedom and bliss does not depend upon these.
In fact, if we overuse our senses
to see, to eat, to hear, to feel, to smell
then it gets more entanglement to the objects
and wants to go after those objects again and again.

This sucks our energy and time and
we never get the time nor feel important
to allocate time to know and experience
our other dimension of existence.

Thus most of humanity suffers
because of this great wonderful mind.
Why? Because we don’t know
how to handle our own minds.

The mind can be used for both, survival and liberation.
But sense organs can be used only for survival.
Do not depend upon your senses for liberation.

Our whole life efforts go on survival and surviving like others,
But this is called competition.
So we have made the competition a reality of our existence.
If survival is the goal of life
then where is the question of freedom,
Moksha, liberation, and boundlessness?

Can we use our mind without using our 5 sense organs,
it means without getting involved in listening,
tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing a shape, color, and form?

Can we use our mind without getting sticky to memories,
It means without hooking to the past and future.
No nostalgia, hallucination, and imagination?

It is not possible if you have not trained yourself rigorously.
In a little tired state, you will quickly fall asleep.
And it is not possible with a fresh mind.
Because a fresh mind wants to out and search more.

But in reality, this is possible and
we have experienced this state by accident.
We all have experiences of life
when we lose a sense of time and space.
Completely engrossed with an object.
And engross so much that
we do not know even our own presence.
But unfortunately, this experience for most of us
is accidental not in our control.

Is it possible to live only in the present
and only with experience?
It means no accidental jump to past and future
and no entanglement to the objects of senses.

An absent-minded person is
completely lost in the past and future,
even after hearing, seeing at present.
The mind is an enemy of such a person or not?

But, what do call a person
who at present willing stops
entanglement to the objects around,
not lost in past and future?
Do not respond to any surrounding events.
But live in that moment with full awareness and witness.
The mind is a friend of that person or not?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari