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The Meaning Of Namaste

The Meaning Of Namaste

“नम्” धातु + ङे प्रत्यय = नम:+ते= नमस्ते
नम् means bow down
ते means to you or for you

Why should I bow down to you?
Because you are senior to me?
Elder to me? More knowledgeable than me?
Higher in Ashrma to me?
Wealthier than me?
Powerful than me?”

What if I don’t bow down to you?
you will not favor me?
you will not bless me?
you will not give me what I want?
you will not give me which is rightfully mine?
you will take away from me which I have?
you can become angry with me?
you will not love me?
you will not respect me?

In a worldly sense the meaning and intent
of Namaste is summarized as above.
So people do Namaste because of the reasons mentioned above.

In a worldly sense, it is a duty, ritual, karma
which you do to please or
break ice to establish the communication.

But, in spiritual communication it means
I bow down to you because
Through my bodily existence
I have realized the same reality in your bodily existence.

I live in this body and you live in that body
But, I am living more consciously
so I could notice your body around me
and then one universal reality in your body
so I say Namaste before you say to me.

You could not have said it
Because either you are too much busy to notice my presence or
Too full in your mind to understand
and identify that one universal oneness.

Or do not care about my presence
or too much full to feel that your body
has more power and money possession than I have.

Or looking for an opportunity to punish me
or too much engrossed in Samadhi
that you did’t experience any world around
but only one pure consciousness and
in that state of wisdom the action, actioner
and actionee all are one in your experience.

O Pratibimba, does Salaam, Good Morning,
Hi and Hello has the same
meaning and intent?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari