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The Concept Of Six Sins

The Concept Of Six Sins

Science taught us that
we evolved from unicellular life
to monkeys and chimpanzees etc and finally humans.
Our consciousness is a phenomenon
of chemical reactions in the body.
So we are nothing but a physical being.
Physical destroyed, we are finished! Stop! Over!

Religion teaching us morality.
Kaam (Desire), Krodh (Anger), Mada (self-pride),
Lobh (Greed), Matsarya( Jealousy) are gates to hell.
Avoid these, they are the sins.
Control them. Discipline yourself, learn morality, etc.

But very few challenge science
by asking whether consciousness is the outcome
of the physical or physical world
has come from consciousness.

Quantum physics is trying that
but still, not many scientists are not open
to accept that causation is downward,
i.e. first there is infinite, eternal consciousness
and then the creation and desolation
of the world in that consciousness.
Even physical space is a child of that all-pervading,
always existing consciousness principle.

And very few ask questions
to religious people that if all is bad
then what you are saying is
your god has put inside
all these bad in human beings,
and all are suffering.
Even innocent animals are not spared by your God.
In fact, these problems are more in the human than in animals.
Rarely people challenge this design of god.
Those who challenge this concept
they try to become Liberal, scientists, thinkers, etc.

But the fact is humans are like this.
Either because of past karma
or because of god or because of the environment.
So the problem is not kaam, krodh etc.
It is an integral part of the design
and the Creator’s design is not faulty.

The problem is limited identity.
Why don’t we spend money on educating human
that you are like the way you are.
This is the perfect outcome of the evolution process.
So, be endlessly greedy, angry, etc,
don’t hide this don’t feel upset.

But first understand truly, correctly, and convincingly
that you are a non-physical being.
The physical you are holding right now
is not even equal to a particle of dust
in this physical visible world.

So behave as if you are nonphysical
and there is no second non-physical in the entire existence.
Physical beings are many.

Do whatever best possible
for this one nonphysical self.
Go in the world, interact will different physical objects around
But when it comes to thinking and doing
then think and do in a most greedy way.
As if you are serving yourself only,
There is no second.
You are the criminal, you are the police
your the judge and you are the jail.
You are the earth,
You are the hell and
You are a heaven without the second.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly

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