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Thanks To Covid19

Thanks To Covid19

We are a nation where people can pee anywhere
spit anywhere and sneeze on anybody’s face.
Thanks to corona some control has come.

We are a society where foreign travel and
mad travel was considered a sign of high class and busy-ness
Today that person is considered a potential source of Corona.

When our Jain Munis were moving around
with a mask on their face world was making fun of them
and we also joined them
today everybody is looking for that Jain Muni Mask.

We are the society which said eat vegetarian,
Don’t kill animals to fill your stomach and
World laughed at our silly logic
and we also joined that group
Today people are looking for a salad and vegetarian food.

We use to greet everybody with Ram Ram Ji and Namaste
and western people made fool of us
They shake the hand and we liked their idea
and we adopted that habit over a period of time
Today world is going back to Namaste
and we need to tell each other that no hand-shake.

While learning a new habit of eating with spoon and fork
we have forgotten our traditions have told us
to wash our hand and mouth
before and after we eat something.

Using water and soap to clean hands and body
after every inflow in the body and outflow from the body
not the paper to eat with and paper to clean toilet or hand.
Those traditions will be valued now.
Thanks to Corona to help us learn
why these practices were part of our traditions.

Our elders used to say why you run unnecessarily
when there is no work or work can be done from home
You are burning petrol, going to the mall, cinema hall
going to college to make your attendance,
or to the office just sign a register.
Better sit at home talk to family members.
But we didn’t pay attention.
Thanks to corona traffic in the sky and on the road are less
Whether people are talking to each other
Contemplating, meditating, praying, playing with each other
or watching TV shows only they know.

Pakistan and India were not talking for long
Finally, we sat together face to face to talk
But the result is zero, we are discussing Corona
and Pakistan again discussing Kashmir.
For the entire world, Corona is pandemic
and it is a huge challenge
For Pakistan the only problem is Kashmir!

Thanks for Corona many good things are happening
Hope when Corona get arrested
People will come to know there is
nothing unconnected in this world
All are connected to all.
So live sensibly and do not thrive on others’ misery.

By the time Corona get arrested I hope
People will come to know that
apart from this mad race
there is something more important in life.

By the time Corona get arrested, I know economies will realize that
Business like travel and tourism are
high-risk business for the future.
If your economy depends too much upon this
then you can crash in no time
and an enemy can kill you without hitting and bleeding you.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari