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Source Of The Color

Source Of The Color

If the color is a characteristic of the objects
and hence the beauty is part of the object
then tell me the color of an atom
which has 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons.
This is a carbon atom.
If you think this is black,
then you missed the basics of high school physics.
If not then what gives color to the objects made of carbon?

Color is not a characteristic of objects.
It is a phenomenon that happens when light falls on the object.
Now, if it is a phenomenon in nature
then it should be the same for all observers.
But, we all do not see the same degree of redness of a red flower.
And the reason for that is, there is a second phenomenon,
in this reflected light hits our eye lens.

Even if your lens is normal and equally sensitive as your friend’s
there are chances you may still miss the color.
Because there are two other phenomena before you perceive color.
And you know those.

We appreciate the colors in nature but that is the poetry.
In reality, those colors are nowhere in the existence.
It is a seamless phenomenon at four-level
and we perceive the color and write poetry.
We love and hate color and objects together
without knowing, it is not an integral part of anything.

With certainty, we can say that
One liter milk in a container in a dark place
does not become solid or gas, half-liter or 2 liters in the dark
You can measure and experience the same liquidity and weight even in darkness.
But, the color of milk in pitch dark is not white nor it is black.

If the color is the characteristics of the object
then it should remain with milk,
like its liquidity and weight,
no matter where it is kept.
Color is temporarily acquired by the object
due to the interaction of an object and light.
This is a phenomenon.
As soon as the light is over, color is gone.

Out of four, three process of color perception,
still happens outside of the object
That is why they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not in the object

Whether nature or painting,
or photo or people or objects
In truth, objects cannot be appreciated
for their colorful beauty
but the content which creates that color in the presence of light.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari