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Solution of a Problem

Solution of a Problem

There are two worlds around us. One is the real world and another is the projected world. In both worlds objects are the same but their impact on us is different. In the real world, things exist the way they are, as per their Swabhav. In the projected world things exist as per our Swabhav plus the world’s interaction (Vyavhar) with us.

For example, a black cat standing before has its own existence whether you are aware of it or not. Whether you think good or bad about it. Whether you feel loving or hateful toward it. This is the real cat of the real world. But within our mind, we have a world and there is also a black cat in that world. This is our own projected world. It is 100% our own creation. How we create this projected world is our own mental karma and this karma will give you Karmafala accordingly. Real cat out can not cause us that much damage as our projected world and its objects.

In the absolute (real, natural) world around us there is no problem. Everything is happening as per the karma of living bodies. Whatever happening is inevitable and the best possible could have happened is happening at the moment. So there is no problem and no solution required.

In the projected world everything is happening as per our own mental karma and we are looking for a solution to fix the problem outside. We can work hard and try to fix it. But it is like putting first aid on the mirror when your cheek is wounded. After treatment, for some time it looks like there is no wound now or it will be healed but as soon as you move on to the mirror you see the wound again. This way you can plaster the whole mirror but the pain is still there on the cheek.

So the projected world doesn’t have any permanent or perfect solution. Keep working and moving. Expecting a permanent solution of our worries in the world is like a mirage, water perceived in the desert.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari