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Shraddha On Guru

Shraddha On Guru

Guru Purnima 2021

Darkness was prevalent all over
Because it was dark everywhere outside
There was no light physical.

Darkness was prevalent all over
Because it was dark in society.
People were deluded,
They were not able to identify
what is right or wrong for them.
They are not able to choose
between right and wrong for others.

Darkness was there
But what kind of darkness was that?
Was it because there was no light?
Or we refused to open our eyes and see in the light?
Or we are too scared to open our eyes and see the world around us?
Or we are too scared to see ourselves in the mirror?

The darkness of all kinds created fear in me.
Fear of doing something, fear of not doing.
Fear of losing somethings and
Fear and of not getting something that I wish.
Fear of death and fear of defeat.

From our childhood till our death these fears
of different types are prevalent in human life.
Grade and quality of the fear may change
at different stages of life but they remain.

Nature of fear may change
An object from which we fear may change
But the fear of losing, suffering, pain,
and death always keeps traveling with humans.

Ignorance is the bliss is well known saying
Less you know less is the fear.
See your pets and trees around
They also have life
but they live with little knowledge.
For them, survival is the only challenge
With that limited knowledge they live.

Their ignorance may be bliss for them
Because they don’t have the capability to know,
Ability to explore and research
Ability to create philosophy, art, music, and science.
Ability to reason, write and defend.
Ability to create societies and economy.
Ability to create friends and foes
Ability to create weapons, and construct a dam.
Ability to give life for a cause
A cause of religion, family, society, nation, and humanity.

For human ignorance is sin
For humans fear is death
For human inaction and indecisiveness are action and decision.
For humans not able to reason properly
creates chaos, confusion, and mental sickness.

The light which sucks all my fear in a moment
The light that gives me the confidence to stand and walk
That light is the light of Guru.

Initially this light dawn upon us as Mother and Father.
This is the light of the First Guru.
But our desire to roam and see the world around
Cannot be fulfilled by that one light.

We want to know more, explore more
Then the light of our Teachers guides us
through various subjects in schools and colleges.
Because of this Second light, we make relations and
expands the world around us
We make our living because of this light.

To grow in social, political, or professional life
we need a coach or mentor to guide us.
That light of the third Guru helps us to sail smoothly
in the dense forest of social, political, and corporate life.
Unfortunately, most of us do not get his Third light.
and hence most of us struggle alone
in corporate, social, or political life.

But the world starts becoming more complex.
We start realizing money is not solving problem.
On the contrary, money is creating problems.

More the crowd more lonely we feel.
When our own people start looking strange to us.
Endless traveling is causing tiredness
and not giving us freshness.

We start feeling even after traveling all around the world
I am still not a peaceful being.
Neither contented and happy human being.

Even after knowing so much and earning so much
I cannot sit in one place for ten minutes.
My body has become like a donkey
it needs the burden of some work all the time.

My mind has become a monkey
who needs some idea to dance upon all the time.
Or people around to entertain me.

Having a healthy body is good but
Having a peaceful mind is great.
And the greatest is having an intellect
that can reason properly all the time.

During the journey of life when we gain we lose also.
What is that light which can make me aware of this loss and gain?
What is that light which makes me aware of right and wrong,
ethical and unethical, moral or immoral?

This Fourth light is the light of the Fourth Guru.
A spiritual being.
Who never bothered about his possession and kingdom.
Who never bothered about his haves and have nots.
Who never bothers about his gains and losses.
But always cares for the direction of my travel.
Cares for the path of Dharma in my life.

But why someone will care for me so much?
That too without expecting anything physical in return.
Nothing is free in this world.
This happens because I have unflinching Shraddha on my Guru.

A Shraddha that he is wise and experienced.
A Shraddha that he will never misguide me.
A Shraddha that he will never cheat me and put me in unnecessary trouble.
A Shraddha that he is my ultimate well-wisher.
A Shraddha that he is my companion of life and beyond.
A Shraddha that he is doing all for my upliftment

O Chaitnya, could you find your fourth Guru in your life?
Some feel it is not required.
Some feel it is not easy.
Some feel they don’t exist.
Some feel in Kalyug your Bhagwan is your Guru.
Some feel in Kalyug your Guru is your Bhagwan.
There are experiences of different individuals.

But blessed are those who could get
one such companion in their life.
Before that Guru people do not cry for money, wife,
husband, children, job, power, win, lose
But Guru’s silent presence is enough.

These are the words of my Shraddha at the feet of those Gurus
whose guidance protected my mind and my Dharma.
Whose presence never let me feel alone.
Whose work motivated me to live a sensible life.
Who inspires me to work tirelessly for Moksha,
hence to get that knowledge
with which I am losing my shackles
which were binding me to ignorance and
eternal cycles birth and death, pain and pleasure.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

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