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Self Realization

Self Realization

What is the meaning of Self-Realization?
What is the meaning of Liberation?
What is the meaning of Self-Actualization?
What is the meaning of God-Realization?
What is the meaning of Moksha?
What is the meaning of Becoming one with God?

Whatever I do physically, mentally, or verbally
If I have known and convinced myself fully that
I have a body, I am not a body.
I have a mind, I am not a mind.
I have some memories, I am not memories.
I have objects, people, and relations around
but I am neither of these.
Then I am on the path of Moksha.

If I have convinced myself that
the world which I enjoy, suffer,
watch, observe, cry, and laugh at is my world.
Knowing all the subtle shackles around me
are my conscious or unconscious creation.
And I am the creator, Brahma, of this world and
no one created this world me but me only
Then I am on the path of Moksha.

If I have convinced myself that
In my whole life till now
I have seen the world around
But I have not seen my real eyes
What I saw is a reflection of my eyes,
And even after that, I say I have eyes!
Then I don’t believe in having eyes.

Their presence gives me the experience of
color, shape, and different size around.
When experience exists then why should I believe?
This realization is uplifting me from believing
and taking me towards experiencing.
Now I am on the path of Moksha.

If I have convinced myself that
whatever Brahma has created
Can be destroyed by Shiva,
no matter how ugly or dear is that.
Therefore the world around me
which is causing me suffering
I can destroy this world by opening
my third eye and becoming Shiva.
No “Shiva” will destroy the real world around me.
But I as Shiva will destroy my own suffering
I can break all the barriers, walls and
boundaries of the jail
in which I have arrested my own existence.
Now I am on the path of Moksha.

Iswara Prapti means I know and experience that
Ishwara was never lost.
I was lost, and now I am back home.
There is nothing to receive (Prapti)
except to live in my own existence
and not in the mental Imagination
Of my own or created from
those entertaining stories.

There is nothing in getting Moksha
except knowing and experiencing that
there is no shackle there is no bondage.

Apart from this experience of your own
Whatever you heard from
those stories of your religion
are good for entertaining a restless mind.
They can temporary solace you
but that is not the final solution
of your eternal bondage and suffering.

O Chaitnya, Know thyself as free,
You are like an elephant
which is tied to a small plant
with a small thin rope and
you think there is bondage!

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

Until Next Time Stay Blessed

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