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Searching the Creator

Searching the Creator

Without seeing or hearing about many things we know about their existence from the results of their functions.

I can see, this proves that I have eyes.
I am living, this proves that I have a heart.
I am thinking, this proves that I have a brain.
Food gets digested, proves I have an intestine.
I am breathing, this proves I have lungs.

You need not go to the doctor, neither believe your teacher or elders.
Neither you need to open your body or another person’s body to check.
Even an ordinary mind knows this from their experience and not from their beliefs.

The results of the function of these is proof enough that I have these parts in my body.

Away from human created buildings, roads etc go to some river side or forest. Now observe the complex phenomenal World around. It exists and is perfect. Any serious student of math and science can say this.

Who is that unseen which is the cause of this perfection?

Do not point your finger towards the sky, and objectify that absolute subject and creator.

Do not deny that you have no contribution in this perfection.

Look for the creator of this perfection.
Don’t seek the answer as information but experience and know your contribution in this perfection. And your real journey starts.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari