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Relevance Of Guru

Relevance Of Guru

Without Questions in life what is the need for a Guru?
If my questions are well defined then do I need a Guru?
Guru helps in defining questions well
or answering whatever you ask?
Does he empower you by giving more information
or make you restless by holding half answer?

One who makes us aware of the people and objects around us.
One who gives name to these relations with respect to my body.
One who tells me the utility of those relations and objects,
We call that person our Guru.

But, when I open my eyes and see
the people and objects around
I know and experience the world around
The way I live, The way I wish to live,
The way I struggle,
The way I exist in my own nature.

What has been taught to me has
some value from Guru’s perspective.
What shapes my mind and experiences
come from my desire to know,
experience, and liberate from ignorance?
That ignorance, which is the cause of my suffering
And liberation comes from our own striving.

With borrowed questions,
I cannot become a good student
With too many casual questions
I cannot get that who can show me the path.

The cosmic omniscient principle which knows everything
can become our Guru but for that, an Intellect & Shraddha
which can communicate with a formless,
all-pervading, eternal being is needed.

In whatever tradition we live
we have some guiding light,
where we surrender and from where we seek guidance.
That is the light of Guru which guides our life.

It is most effective when we seek guidance
in the moment of confusion, chaos, delusion, and suffering.
But healing and cure happen when what is inside us
and who is guiding us from outside become one.

A flag is not a nation, it represents the nation
Even without a flag nation exists.
A body is not a guru, it represents the guru
Even without a body Guru exists.

How do we connect with our Guru?
By doing prayer, puja, and worship?
By begging, donating, and seeking favor?

Guru doesn’t answer all small or
big questions from his mouth always.
But makes you capable of asking deeper questions
and seeking the answer by your own striving.

Assuming that Guru knows the answer to everything
He has mystical powers to solve all our problems
He can do anything if he desires.
All these are ours believes what is the substance
in that is left to an individual’s imagination.

What magic our Guru can do for us is a demonstration.
What we can do for our Guru is our loyalty towards him.
How we internally transform with the Guru’s guidance
and how wisely we live is the real test
of the knowledge showered upon us.

In the 21st century, we can say any living being is intelligent
not because he knows everything
But because he can ask some relevant and deeper questions.
So, seek the answer and live a conscious, wakeful, and wise life.

May your Guru teach you enough to ask questions
A question which makes your waking in early morning worth
A question that is not easy to solve.
A question not with a wordy answer
but a question which gives you a new experience of life,
provided you explore them.

O Chaitanya, I pray to my Guru that may
you find your Guru on the occasion of this Guru Purnima
May your path be guided by your Guru’s light
and you sail your life with that
profound and great experience
which takes birth on the bed of the ocean of your awareness.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

Until Next Time Remain Blessed