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Relationship Of No Relations

Relationship Of No Relations

My universe, my world, my nation, my city,
my religion, my society, my family, my child,
my mother, my sister, my body, my hand.

Did you observe the gradation of my-ness increasing?
This is how relationship grading happens in our life.
We try to defend, protect, and fight for the closest first
and then the next one.

If the closest relationship is in problems
then it hurts us more and we are more reactive in that situation
whether we can do anything or not but
our anxiety, suffering, helplessness, desire to fight
start taking shape at that moment.

If the same relationship causes little problems for us
then it is capable of creating the highest suffering for us.
It means the closeness of a relationship
has something to the degree of our suffering.

If we don’t have or feel any relationships with X
then we can defend ourselves better
in the situation of verbal or physical attack.

Is it possible that people and the world exist around us
but we don’t give any name to the relationship?
For example a child, sister, mother, nation, city etc
without any my-ness?

It will not harm you or excite you Unnecessarily.
If required, you will do whatever needs to be done
based on the situation and Dharma,
which is coming from the existence and not from my-ness.
A relationship does not end with what we do or can do.
It goes to another end called expectations from others.

What more suffering is possible for a person,
who has completely dissolved my-ness
from the relationship with the world around?
Who neither expects nor reject help from others?
Who does what needs to be done.
He does what he can do.

Many people think that this kind of person
will become irresponsible and lazy?
The answer to this is “you try” it for some time
and do not debunk the concept or extrapolate
which is coming out of pure imagination of yours.

There is no other hell in the world
And no one is capable of creating any hell
If you do what needs to be done
and drop the name of relation and expectations from them.

People try to run away from other people and the world around
Without dropping the name of the relation.
With that kind of mind, no matter which Himalaya you go
You are fully capable of creating your own hell.

O Chaitanya, what your experiences have
unfolded for you in the world of relationships?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari