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Raw Material To Create Space And Time

Raw Material To Create Space And Time

Time (Kaala) is 100% mind’s creation.
There is no physical time.
Akasha is the “voidness” of objects.
But, what Object? Atom or Mango or Table or planet?

All objects are in the space and have space inside.
So sensory perception of human is different
and it is different for microbiological being.
For us, microparticles don’t exist in normal sensory experience
so there is void and hence Akasha
That is why we wave our hand in the air
and say there is nothing.
But for the microbe, it is not Akasha.

For us, a place where an ant is sitting is not Akasha
but for a dinosaur that place is Akasha.
With the advancement of technology
when we can record even the presence of x-ray
then it looks theoretically there is no Akasha outside
because Akasha is full and filled
by different things and there is no Voidness in Akasha.
Then comes the time
when we start seeing inside the object.

Whether wave-particle or planet
they are made of something.
If that holds true it gives an opportunity
for voidness to exist in between the constituents.

But what is that which is not made of anything
and hence no void inside that.
That is completely filled
and this universe is made of that absolute.
Upanishad discusses this lofty topic in different ways.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

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