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Questions About Meditation

Questions About Meditation

Meditation is a process or result of a process?

For some, it is both.
For some, it is everything.
For some, it is a verb and for others, it is a noun.
There are people for whom it is a useless time waste,
better do something more important.

Is the English word meditation the same as Dhyanam word of Samskrut?
Then what about Japam, Dharana, and Samadhi in English?
What is the English word for Samadhi?
If no word then what do you think
why this word is missing in mapping to the English dictionary?
Any deeper meaning?

Can you mediate without Yama, Niyama,
Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahara and Dharana?
I mean can you put your foot on the 7th step on the staircase
without putting on the earlier 6 steps?
In upward movement, it is not possible,
In downward movement, you may break your bones.

Whatever you think about Meditation is your choice
and the result of your choice has
an impact on your experience and on your beliefs.

Is mediation about making your mind thoughtless?
Is it about thinking only one thing at a time?
Is it is a way of being one with God?
Is it about experiencing your freedom?

What do you think is the meaning of freedom?
Able to think whatever you want?
Able to do whatever you want?
Able to go, eat, talk whatever you want?
Able to fly in the air with your body and run on water?
Able to cross fierce fire and capture whole air in your mouth?

Meditation leads to liberation, Moksha, and freedom.
These all may be glories of meditation.
But are you interested in these results for yourself?
If this a goal of your mediation
then you may return hopeless sooner or later from this journey.

Do you want peace in your life through meditation?
Trust me after you start doing meditation
people will irritate you more to test you.

And then say see your meditation is useless
you still have anger, fight and argue with you.

They will say,
What is the use of your medication
which is focusing and listening to gossip or
TV serial playing in the hall etc.
Better join us in the hall.

All these impractical expectations
will start piling up on you.
You should be like a yogi in that photo
They will expect that you become
vegetable after meditation.

So that they can do whatever they want with you
You will be expected to become a messiah of nonviolence
serve them another cheek to slap you.

This way meditation will lead you to other kinds of problems.

Better have good sleep, play sports,
remain with friends and family members
listen to them and work for them
that is the better way of peace.
What do you think?

Is meditation about becoming
something which you are not?

If that is the case then it may be hard for you.
You know your personality better than anyone
and trying to become something else
maybe torturing experience for you.

If meditation is about knowing that you are peaceful?
Knowing your day to day activities
It may hard for you to swallow that fact.

Is meditation means temporary rest to the mind?
Then go for tracking, ride some mountain,
walk in a forest that will do much better for you.

You want to do meditation or learn meditation
because this is a new fashion or
a trendy buzzword today and in the 21st century?

These were some questions on meditation.
If possible dig more inside
More you are puzzled
More is the hope you will be settled in Meditation.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari