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Product Focus Vs Process Focus

Product Focus Vs Process Focus

Jugaad vs Karmanye Vadhikaraste

Teaching philosophy is one thing living is another.

“Karmanye Vadhikaraste”.
Means you have control over karma, your process.
So guide and control the process.

“Adhikaraste MaFaleshu Kadachna”.
Doesn’t mean without expecting a result.
Nor does it mean result for someone else
or work for society or higher cause etc.

It simply means the output of the process
cannot be controlled directly.
So don’t waste your time
sitting at the other end of the process tunnel
and expect results as per your wish.
Do whatever you can do at the process part,
if the process is rightly designed
keeping output in the mind
then the output of the process
will ultimately happen the way the process designed.

This simple philosophy is
told thousands of years back in the war field.
We teach it every day.
But only the Japanese could live this in the true sense.

We Indian preach this
but we bypass all processes and want the best results.
Years over years people are talking
debating discussing, preaching
but where do you find the sign of implementation?

There is another philosophy of getting things done, Jugaad.
The Jugaad concept says work should get done by any means.
“Karmane” concept leads you to perfection in the process.

In the “Karmane” concept, if a good product is the output of a bad process.
then you give away that product
because luck produced that
and it belongs to anybody but to me.

If you start accumulating things given by luck
then you also need to cry on things
thrown upon you by bad luck.
So better avoid or give away the fruits of luck.

Jugaad concept wants results in the short run.
The Karmane concept focuses on life long work.
Neither present can be ignored nor future.
If too much Jugaad in life then very soon
when the future becomes present you will have many problems.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

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