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Prisoner Of The Mind

Prisoner Of The Mind

When I came to this planet,
I had a body full of memories but a mind without many memories.
And my mind was definitely without any biased memory.
I was full of life and everything was full of life for me.
Every happening was fresh, new, and full of excitement.
I bothered not anything more than food.

But then by eating I acquired more memories from the food I ate.
After that, the world around me started teaching me.
Every teaching became part of my mental memories
Some I liked so they are sweet and I want to repeat them,
Some I do not like so they are bitter and I avoid them.
But liking and disliking of those memories belong to me.
Memories themselves do not know
whether they are sweet or bitter.

Who am I, the heap of food,
which has grown this big from a one feet child?
Who am I, the heap of Ideas, prejudices, likes, dislikes
that are stored in my memories,
that I accumulated from this world?

I accumulated both this body and this mind.
I accumulated the wealth and relations around me.
I am able to claim all my accumulations
but not able to claim my “self” firmly.

Not able to claim my “self” firmly that this is Me. Why?
Why it is so that I am not able to claim my true identity?

Because I am imprisoned by my mind.
And those who are imprisoned do not have freedom.
More I invested in developing this body and mind.
More strong they became.
And now stronger the wall of this prison.

Now when I want to peep outside
through a window, it is not possible.
Because I have built this prison so solid
that there is no hope of light coming inside.

There is no window in this prison
I cannot see the world outside of this prison,
I cannot know the way the world exists there.

I am salve of my memories.
Because life is imprisoned in the memory
I see everything through the memories.

Is this world different than
what do I imagine here in this prison?
Definitely, it does not exist the way I see it.

What I see is “My World”, a world of my memories
What really exists is “The World”,
a world that even isn’t aware of my existence.

In fact, I am so small in this whole cosmos that
“The World” even does not care and bother about me.
So why should the world exist the way I think?

Is there anyone who has seen this world the way it exists?
Without being a prisoner of mind!
How blessed are those who can this world the way it exists!

You are the real knower
if you can see this without attaching to memories.
I salute your wisdom,
which can separate the water from the milk.

You live like a lotus,
Who exists in the pond
but without getting wet by the water
and without getting tainted by the filth of the pond.

You exist with your own fragrance.
Because you are not a prisoner of mind.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Your Truly Hari