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Positive And Negative Professions

Positive And Negative Professions

There is a city, every road in this city
Has potholes and it is causing
Lots of accidents, court case, and pain
among civilians.

And to fix this problem
Intellectuals are debating
that city needs to have
more hospitals, more emergency wards,
more doctors, more medicines
more nurses, more advocate,
more police force on the roads,
more jails, more human right activist, etc.
It means this entire economy is based on negative professions.

Rather than fixing roads
citizens are debating
in favor of growing these professions,
employment growth, increasing GDPS
(gross domestic product and services)
It means intellectuals of the city
Wish to build and grow the economy
of the city based on the miseries and pain
of the city dwellers.

If a village has more agricultural products,
more opportunities to learn dance,
sing, paint, draw, play, research,
more beautiful living space for dwellers,
more community activities,
more opportunities to enjoy
and celebrate festivals,
more pot makers, jewelry designers.
Equal opportunity for all,
trust between dwellers,
more schools and teachers to learn,
no flexing muscle between people,
love and respect for each other.
Then this village is built on
the happiness and joy of its dweller.

If people learn to live sensibly
in terms of eating, drinking,
financial transactions and respect for others
then why those professionals are required
who are trying to fix the problems?

If our focus is to fix the problem then
we need professional of certain types.

if our focus is to build a society
In such a way that people live
in a sensible way then more professionals
of other types are required.

Fortunately, the human mind is
driven by greed, anger, lust, desire
Therefore it is never possible
for all human beings to live sensibly all the time.
Hence all kinds of professionals are in demand.

But we need to understand
if there are more people
with negative profession
in the city or village
Then this is one way of living.

And if there are more people of
the positive profession in the city or village
then that is another way of living.

Below is a list of professions
whom you can present on a scale of
negative to positive left to right.

Most positive means they can exist independently,
they should be more.
Most negative means they should not be there,
They are 100% dependent on other professions.

Neutral means they in a happy society they should be minimum.
They are a problem fixer.

You can add more professions here
and try decorating these on a colorful scale.
You will have fun arranging them.

Farmer, Cook, Artist, Musicians, Scientist,
Technologists, Trader, Accountant, Automation Expert,
Goldsmith, Blacksmith, Teacher, Thinker, Writer,
Dancer, Engineer, Comedian,
Doctors, Lawyers, Police, Warrior
Salesman, Marketer, HR Professional
NewsMaker, Politicians, Brokers
Thief, Robber, Terrorist, Smugglers, prostitute,
poison maker, drug manufacturer,
financial insurer, money lander,
fire extinguisher and add more.

O Chaitanya, if a human with the given
superior cerebral system
doesn’t behave like an animal
they live healthy and ready to leave the body
when time is over
then what are those professions
without which human can live happily?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Your Truly Hari