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Play on your Strength

Play on your Strength

Mentally or physically everybody has a unique design. Either you or someone else can identify that uniqueness of yours. If you know this then you can live a more meaningful life. Otherwise, you have a feeling of living in a pressure cooker called world and competing with others.

A boy who has an extraordinary length of hands and small legs is generally ugly looking man. Fortunately nobody told him nor he told himself that I need to become a pilot or serve in the army or become a hollywood star. He knew his limitations but somebody discovered his strength.

This kind of body is not designed to run on earth or fly in the air. This is designed to rule the water. And lo! He became 28 times olympics medal winners in swimming. He is Michael Fred Phelps II.

The purpose of sharing this is neither to inspire you to become a swimmer or olympic winner or nobel prize winner. Nor the purpose is to let you feel bad that I have spent my whole life and I couldn’t become x or y and I couldn’t earn z amount of money. The purpose is to inspire you to know about your physical and mental strength and work only on that. Whether you earn name, fame and money or not, you will be able to get away from the rat race and do something unique. Unfortunately most people do the reverse, they decide how much money and land I need to live a happy and secure life and they spend the whole life grudgingly in earning that.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari