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Paradox Of Learning

Paradox Of Learning

If you listen to some idea with an empty mind,
no previous knowledge or
setting aside your previous knowledge,
then either in reality or pretentious way
you are accepting there is no existing neuron
in your brain which has any information
related to the idea being spoken.

In that state listening becomes a boring process,
you get tired, sleepy, restless and
you want to leave the learning setup.

If you listen and try to relate the subject
with some other related or
unrelated known experiences
then learning is biased by
your existing knowledge.

In this situation,
you have questions ready without
analyzing the answer from the speaker
from all different angles.
Hence, you are not able to listen
what is being said but listening
which justifies the existing experience.

It looks it is almost impossible
to listen with an empty mind.
Especially a subject where you have spent
your whole life and you ‘think’
you know it thoroughly.

Probably this is the reason old,
experienced, people/experts say that
with this huge experience
now I understand how little I know.

Do you think “listening with an open mind”
is a paradoxical statement?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari