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No Universal Teachings

No Universal Teachings

To live a meaningful and joyful life
Context is the key for wise one,

The environment around us is comprised of
People, government, society, traditions,
weather, and the faith of different people
This all have some kind of temperament,
style attitude and behavior.
All these do not have one unambiguous
nonoverlapping Language.

They all express their deeper experiences,
pride, supremacy, superiority
and the desire to dominate or survive.
This expression takes shape in the form
of their words and their actions

It is rare to find a person who is
Rich in experience, good in intention,
mine of words and fearless in expressing.
But in every age, there are a few people
Who are rich in all these qualities
And they choose to express
the truth experienced in the words.
People around them document their words
And then spread the teachings
of those master or wise people

Named are given to those
poetical or prosaic texts like
Vachana, Vaani, Geeta, Bible, Quran, Dohe, Sloka
Their follower think it is the ultimate teaching
of their Guru, messenger, and prophet
For them, that is the final word from heaven.
For all the time of past, present, and future
For all the lives of all spaces either earth or water or sky

We always live in a world
where everything is experienced
in relativity or relationship of other objects around.

Can you know tall, big, good, sacred, light,
holy without second around?
Any time a second is required to compare.

Experiencer’s values, traditions, methods,
culture, food is always better for him
This is the way of wise.

The moment a person thinks
It is irrelevant, illogical he will drop that.

Families, Societies, cultures
and states take a longer time to drop those.

But any sensible group of people
will not hold to wrong or irrelevant for longer and follow that.

Followers think their book contains
The ultimate teaching
of their master or God so they continue.

In this relative existence
no one can have experience
of the absolute, ultimate and non-dual
The degree of experience duality
or absoluteness can vary but all know
I am here and the world is there.

Do you know any person
in past or present who
Knew the surrounding
in this non dual absolute way
and could live always in that experience.

Who knew himself like no boundary around!
Who knew he is here and everywhere!
Who knew that he don’t exist
And only environment exists!
Who knew that only he exists
and there is no second!

In this relative world of existence
Wise people are not bothered
much about the future than the present
So they tell based on
the moment of living,
based on the time and space in which they live.
They always solve the problem of the present.

This is the reason
when we refer the text after their departure
We find contraction between
The texts of different wise people
And the different interpretation of the same textbook
by the different Guru.

The biggest message can be
Live a sensible life
Understand the context
Avoid generalizing knowledge
Avoid putting labels and concluding.

Because till there is last life in the cosmos
There are infinite possibilities for that life
What that life can become no one can tell
What that life should do no one can force
After all who knows human intentions?

People based on their conviction
Takes excerpts of the text
From different people and books
Weave a story and try to tell us
their personal truth as
the absolute and ultimate Truth and Teaching.

Therefore no matter what book you refer
Always look at the current context
And the situation in which something is said
By the Gurus in past.

Never do blind copying and pasting of the text
of experts and realized ones
Unless it is a law of nature.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari