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My Significance

My Significance

One day, I came out of my apartment
Went one a long travel to the mountains
Here I am standing at the feet of a mountain
There is a peak where I wish to go.

With my efforts, I could reach
on the mountain top after six hours
But after reaching there I found
Many larger mountains than on which I was standing.

All these tall looking mountains standing on earth
But, If one could put all these mountains in an ocean
Then they all will disappear, this is their smallness.
And, all the ocean resting on the earth

This earth is rotating around the sun
Sun rotating around the galaxies.
Stars, Planets, Galaxies are eaten by black-hole
And many black-holes exist in space.

If this whole space is like a
one million years old banyan tree
who had many leaves, branches, and fruits in the past
today it has the same number of leaves, branches & fruits.
But, are these same leaves, branches & fruits for million years?

On this huge banyan tree
there are millions of fruits hanging today
My significance is not more than
a seed inside the fruit of this tree.
In the size that is how big I am.

Is there any specific seed, fruit, leaf, or branch
more important in this million years old tree?

If a particular seed wants to pray to this tree does it help the tree?
Can a particular seed revolt against the tree?
If a seed revolt then how does it impact the tree?

If a specific seed decides to
live long face life while living on the tree?
Does the tree get impacted?

What if a specific seed decide to live
a joyful life on the tree?
Does the tree become happy?

What if a specific seed thinks
I am very special on this tree?
I should get special treatment
And special treatment from all other
seeds, fruits, leaves, and branches of this tree.
Whom does this seed making fool?

In a life of millions of years the tree
has seen many seeds like me
who are happy or unhappy.

They come and go but the tree remains
What a fuss is this that I am a special seed
need special treatment on this tree
otherwise, I will destroy others
around me and this tree as well.

The tree has seen, many fools like me
who come out from it
remain there for a couple of years
rest on a some remote far branch
and finally, go the ground
and become manure for the tree

Perhaps for the tree, they are more useful
when they become manure for the tree.

O Pratibimba, how can an insignificant seed
become significant while living inside the fruit on the tree?

O Hari, seed need to go in the ground
finish himself and become another tree
That is the only way.
But then seed does not know
I am a seed or branch or fruit
It knows I am a million old tree.

So an insignificant becomes most significant
when it is finished and loses its identity with smallness or bigness
A seed becomes significant when
it knows there is no second to compete.
I am the one and basis of all.

O Pratibimba, perhaps I got it.
I am a small seed on this tree
If I keep aside this physical body
and live like an eternal being
Then am I that million old tree?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

In the memory of my inspiration #SushmaSwaraj Ji