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My Creator

My Creator

There was the time
When I had no eyes but could navigate the world better
When I had no ear but could listen to the conversations better
When I had no heart but feel the emotions better

There was the time
When there was no light because I didn’t have eyes
When there was no sound because I didn’t have ear
Who said that the creator created light and sound before eyes and ear?

But there was the time
Because I had the mind
In the mind, I had all my accumulated karma packed in the seed form
And I was navigating the world

There was no god
because I had no devotion
I was navigating the cosmos to manifest myself
To create myself again at my will

But can I create myself at my will?
Especially when I had a time and a mind with packed Samchit Sanskara.
Neither time was in my control nor my seed
This seed is my mind which I create myself

Then one young girl and boy came together
They created a body
Out of their will or at the will of their parent’s
Out of fun or out of social competition
I am not aware, I don’t know, I will never know the truth

I was interested in my truth and manifestation
So, I chose that body
After some time I was delivered to the world
In a fresh new body
This I “did” to manifest myself
That was my first karma of this life.

Now I had eyes which I could open and blink
Now I had ears which I could use to listen
But only to those who are near to my physical body

Those who created a body for me
I called them my parents
But more then I could know that they are my parents
They knew I am their son!

Slowly, my parents and people around them educated me
And I started feeling that they are my own
Only they are mine!
I belong only to them!
Whatever is there is mine!
Whatever is mine is of only theirs!

This way I started creating myself
One who was formless has a form now
One who had all karma in the seed form
Started exhausting karma, seed started become a tree
And simultaneously started new karma,
Without knowing that these karma are creating
the seed for my next manifestation
So tree created other seeds

So who is my creator?
The physical body is created by my biological parents
The mental body I already had
with this, I chose my physical body
And consequently my parents.
After coming to this planet
I created myself every day
By eating the food which comes to my plate
By assimilating the ideas
which are thrown upon me from all around the world

So with the help of relations
Which I called parents, guru, friends, brothers & sisters
I created myself
Was there any choice in this creation?

That question comes only when
you do not like the circumstances you are in.
You don’t ask this question when all is joyful around you.

There are very few who keep asking this question
Even in the moment of joy that
Is there is any choice for me?
Is there any free will?
Who is in me, who is happy?
Who is in me, who is sad?
Who is in me, who wants to grow & become big?
Who is in me, who wants to flow in the space without wings?
Who is in me, who doesn’t want to die?
Who created me?

The beauty of these questions is
Everybody will get his own answer
So never ask these questions outside
Keep searching, without getting settled to anyone answer
Life is not an exam that you pass or fail,
If you are not able to answer these question
Or you will get A+ grade for the best answer

So, I bless & pray for all
that you keep asking these questions
And you never get the answer
which will settle in your whole life.

You cannot ask these questions to others to settle yourself
If you get an answer from another that is bookish for you
Your answer is that which you get from your own travel
Travel ends only at a cremation ground

What will you do even if you get the answer to these questions?
What will you do even if you get settled with answers?
So my prayer is you never settled for these questions
Who is my creator?
What did you say God in heaven?
Then you are tricked by someone!

Hari Om Tat Sat
Your Truly Hari