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Most Prayer Worthy Self Mind

Whom should we pray?

Most Prayer Worthy is the Mind of Self!

Whether we pass an exam or not,
get married or not,
have children or not,
get loved or not,
children do well or not,
health improves or not,
living alone or in a crowd,
become rich or not all this is secondary.

The first thing we should have been taught
how to handle our own very powerful mind.
If my mind is my best friend
then every other relationship, object,
the surrounding can be handled wisely.

If this mind is my enemy then no friend,
relative, mother, father, or god can help me.
I don’t need an enemy in the world
this enemy is always with me
except when I fall asleep.

Which education, relation, university
teaches human how to handle his own mind.
Unfortunately, all learn their own way.

For most the way is to give the mind whatever it wants
and for others, the way is to torture the mind,
restrain it, and control it.
There are some who think the mind is like a monkey
so handle it like a monkey
carrot and stick, reward, and punishment.

Ancient Rushis, ॠषी, told us
watch your mind and enjoy the drama it does
when it throws and moves
the body in the world.

Watch carefully how it feels joy and pain
when being loved and hated,
loving and hating,
eating and eaten,
winning and losing,
fiddling with objects and people around
and thinking this will make me happy
and then jumping to other things.

Oh my mind, I don’t want anything,
no god, no friend, no relationship, no objects
but you as my best friend.
When you are my best friend
I can manage myself
in all situations richness and poorness,
in the crowd and in loneliness,
loved or hated by people,
recognized or ignored,
win the entire world or
lose everything except you.

So prayer, worship, and blessings
of the mind of self is the greatest prayer.
Hence, the Most Prayer Worthy is the Mind of Self!
Pray to your mind with your controlled mind.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

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