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Morality Of Killing

Morality Of Killing

Killing is sin and it is immoral.
What I want to kill is not existing because of my action
But because of my inaction.

When there is the first cockroach in the house
I must have handled that properly
Either by throwing or killing
But my morality of non-violence didn’t allow that to happen.

Now, the whole family of cockroach has grown in my house
What will I do now? Massacre!
Which was better? Nipping when it was bud or doing massacre now?

But why I need to do a massacre?
Either because of my lethargy
or because of morality principle
or because I thought it is too small to fight with.

I cannot remain in a house or in a society
Without eliminating the weeds
If I don’t do it someone else has to do that
If no one does that then
The whole field become full of weeds and
I cannot grow anything useful in that field.

So the principle of absolute non-violence
Will make my house dirty,
full of mosquito, cockroach, spiders, ants, etc.
I cannot live in that house any longer.

But if I keep my house clean then
Every day I have to do a little violence
And I can avoid a massacre of once in a month or a year.

Daily cleaning or massacre
Are the only two option to survive
even in your own house.
The question is who will do this?
Either you do it yourself or
some of your family members does it
Or you outsource this to somebody.

But we need to understand one thing
One who is doing cleaning this work is favoring you
You cannot claim yourself a great disciple
of Mahatma Gandhi or Mahatma Buddha or Mahavira Jain
And say, Ahimsa Parmodharmah (Non-violence is the absolute principle)
Nor you have the right to abuse or downgrade the cleaner.

The same logic can be extended to a society
When you because lazy, careless or
try to become the epitome of non-violence
Then you cause more harm to a society
You need to be cautious and
from time to time clean the society
from unhealthy ideas, thoughts, dogmas,
hypocrisies, hardcore ideologies, thought of dominance.
To keep the society alive and vibrant
either the forces (police, military, etc) need to work
Or you need to work.
So that weeds can be kept out.

In a democratic society, it is expected that
We remain awake all the time
And kill the unhealthy ideas when they are bud
Or outsource this work to forces
But if no one does this then
Your own home will become a shelter
for terrorist, antisocial elements,
anti-national, Lawless, and Adharmic people.

The principle of non-violence applies to friendly elements
And it is not absolute
You cannot apply to terrorist, anti-national, robbers
It simply means do not allow weeds to grow around.

O Pratibimba, do you think it is easy to identify
which ideas should be killed?
If a house will belong to snakes
then ideas of Human has to be killed
And if the house belongs to human
then ideas of snakes have to be killed.

But in a democratic society
who decides who snake and who is human?
One who spills venom is a snake!

Venom doesn’t kill the snake.
But others suffer from it.
We know snakes and humans both
are suffering in society.
You decide who is a snake and who is human.
And then take action to clean your house
So that you need not see Mahabharat before your eyes.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari